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well again back in london and back to work as the bankrupty sets in!!! but Pamplona was amazing!!!
left home on thursday the 3rd of june bout 8am, down to the acton overland station to meet Sam's brother Adam and his posse of Canadian friends, there were to be 12 of us in total. after a bit of train is its not running between platforms we got sorted and all managed to make it to gatwick airport (or gatport airwick as the train announcer called it.
the boys all settled into a bar and i scored on a la senza bra sale, seroiusly what better way to start a holiday than 5 pound bras!! checked in and ended up nearly having a final call for our flight but it was as the check in woman was so slow we actually had to look twice to see if she had 2 arms or 1!!
got to bilbao at early afternoon and picked up our hired cars, Sam, Don (a south african friend who also is a DJ) and i were in one and the canadians were spread over 2 more. to cut a very long story ( about 3 hours ) short. we got well lost, back and forward down motorways, walkie talkie and Sat Nav malfunctions, having to pay twice to u turn at toll gates, funny now....not so funny then!!! i think a serious suggestion needs to be made to bilbao council to sign post pamplona from there.....hey wait maybe they do but just take them down to have a laugh at all the tourists in for San Fermin?!
got to El Molino (the windmill) campsite around 7.30pm, got our wristbands and our bungalows. 4 of the dj's were in one bigger one, sam and i were in one and the other boys had dorm rooms in a main building. it was only us and the ground crew there so was pretty cool. they expected 1300 people to arrive in the next 2 days!
Friday and Saturday were pretty chilled, the boys and mia played by the pool 12pm til 8pm ish and then 10pm til 5am in the outside bar peice, they did that everyday we were there. i went for a wander up to the tiny little town just nearby...was pretty cute, obviously not many people go up there cause the locals were all pretty surprised to see me walking around.
sunday was the opening day for san fermin, so all up bright and early, everyone wears white tops and white trousers, a red scarf around their wrist and a red belty thing. onto to buses and into pamplona. as you can imagine there are thousands and thousands of people in the city. we made our way as close as we could to the city centre to the town hall where it really starts. the boys managed to get kinda by a doorway for me to stand in to avoid being trampled or crushed. and basically it just turns in a mass of red and white who are throwing sangria and spanish bubbly wine all over each other....lots of it!!! there are water, eggs and flour also being thrown off the hundreds of balconys in town. when the cannons had gone off we moved to muscle (or mussel?) bar. a really quite high statue that stupid and very drunk tourists jump off in a crowd of people they hjop to catch them.....seriously how not smart are these people!!! smashed faces, bones, teeth etc...kinda amusing to watch from afar though i guess!!
from there moved around to an open air bar on top of the hill, had something to eat and then on to boogie st...just next to the plaza del toros (bullring) basically just a closed of part of the street made into bars. at about now i had had enough of the pushy shovey so headed back to the campsite, had a cool afternoon actually..just chilled hanging out with sam,don and sally.
rather large night that night so didngt go back into pamplona at 5am to see the first bullrun, another pool day :) next morning we made it in. was pretty cool i must say. the arena is pretty stunning. waited in there for about an hour and a half for the run to start. people run in (lots of people!!!) we can see the blls on a big screen, after a few minutes the first lot of bulls come through, they run in one side and out the other, they are fairly big but still feisty. there is a second lot that come through that are HUGE!!! we are talking like 500kg of bull!!! again straight out of the arena. now the arena is full of red and white blobs and they let in a much smaller but pretty quick bull to chase the guys about, they have something to make there horns not sharp but still looks pretty sore when they make contact!!
after 5 or so of those bulls it is all over so back to the bus station and the campsite we go. another good night and then time to pack up the next day. got all sorted and then Sam, Don and i drove to a part of the camino de santiago cause i wanted to walk a peice of it again. we walked about three hours with a picnick on the way back, was scorching hot but awesome. Don found a snake which he picked up......then it bit him. he wasnt to bothered! after that back into the car and we drove down to Zaragoza for our flight.
flight was ok but stanstead airport was a mess when we got there. so instead of being home round 1 it was about 2 hours later. i had to be up at 8 for a 14 hour shift so that was not so fun but the holiday was amazing.
nothing on the cards for the mo, purely cause of money but hopefully will get on top of it soon and be off again soon :)
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photo by: brettjayhawk