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Breakfast at 8:00 AM. Depart on bus at 9:00 AM for city tour of Moscow. Visited scenic overlook of the city, Olympic ski jumps, and the Church of Jesus Christ, after which we ate lunch at the underground mall in red square again. Then it was time for our guided tour of the Kremlin, where we saw the crowns, thrones, robes, horse drawn carriages and sleighs of all the Russian czars. We also saw all the gifts given to the czars from other empires, including the oldest collection of British gold and silver in the world (yes, even older then any collection in England). Of course, the royal collection featured many of the famous Faberge eggs given by the Romanovs to each other as gifts.

Moscow's Kremlin also contains Europe's largest canon and several different churches, each with their own unique purposes: one for christenings, one for marriages, one for coronations, and one for funerals. An interesting fact about the Kremlin is that no Soviet or Russian leader has actually lived there since Joseph Stalin's wife committed suicide there in 1939, causing Stalin to decree that no families shall live in the Kremlin again from that day forward. After the Kremlin, it was off to dinner followed by a trip to the Moscow Circus. After the circus, we went straight back to the hotel
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Breakfast at 8:00 AM. Met our Moscow guide Galina in the hotel lobby at 8:55 AM for a Moscow Metro (Subway) tour. We visited several stations featuring communist propaganda that were still in the process of being altered nearly two decades after the fall of communism in Russia. In a few years, all the communist artwork in the subways will be removed, so it was quite interesting to see it before it disappears forever. Our first destination outside of the metro system was the armory and military history museum, describing the history of U.S.S.R military action and featuring many helicopters, jets, tanks, and missiles.

The next stop was Red Square, just outside the Kremlin walls, which served as the backdrop to the military parades captured in classic photographs of the Soviet army. After a photo stop of our own in front of the iconic St. Basil's Cathedral, we ate lunch in an underground mall and headed off to Gorky Park, which was an amusement park created by the communist party for the people's leisure activities. Across the street from Gorky Park is Statue Park, featuring the only remaining statue of Stalin in Moscow, defaced by those who opposed communism. Statue Park also features a 93 meter tall statue of Peter the Great aboard his ship. After Statue Park, we had a 4 course Russian dinner at a restaurant called "15" then back to the hotel on the metro. After getting a little extra exercise from exiting the metro 1 stop too early, we showered and changed back at the hotel for a big night out in Moscow. By that time I had a pretty solid grasp of how to get around the city, so I lead the group through all our train transfers to get to a club called Propaganda, where we stayed until quite late and ended up taking cabs back to the hotel.
photo by: eefab