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Ok, it´s not Cordoba but I didn´t stay here a night and it just makes the blog map more confusing.

Yesterday, despite thinking that I had missed it because I was in South America and not Europe, I went to Oktoberfest after all! In the small town of Villa General Belgrano, about 90 minutes by bus from Cordoba.

It doesn´t have big tents like I´ve heard that there is in Munich. It was a big round arena with beer and food stalls around the edge and a big stage on one side, where they were doing lots of folk dancing and song. My spanish is ok, but I didn´t pick up everything they were saying. Either the dance groups were descendants of immigrants from the likes of Hungary, Transylvania and Italy, or maybe they actually came from those places. One of the italian group leaders was saying thanks to Argentina for welcoming the italians there as immigrants, but they were waving italian flags as much as the argentine one.

The beers were interesting. Rubia is spanish for blonde, so I expected a regular lager, but it wasn´t. More like the unfiltered beers you get in some brewery pubs in Germany but they tasted nice enough though. I had a red beer too, which was kind of like an ale.

It was lots of fun and we danced and got merry all day until we had to get the bus back to Cordoba at 9.30. Someone had told us this was the last bus, but apparently not the case.

And then later, in the argentine manner, we didn´t go out until 3am. I don´t understand this nightowl life, but I am better prepared now for a week in Buenos Aires.

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Ok, it´s not Cordoba but I didn´…
Ok, it´s not Cordoba but I didn…
Not German, or even Argentine, the…
Not German, or even Argentine, th…
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