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Just a few hours to the west by bus from Cali is a small community called San Cipriano. It's right in steaming hot jungle, not far from the Pacific coast, and accessible only by rail from a village called Cordoba, just off the main road. There is an occasional freight train coming through, but to transport locals and tourists alike, they have created simple platforms with seats, powered by scooters that sit on the rails. Obvious they wouldn't meet international safety standards, but that doesn't really matter. Many people can sit on these and they often travel in convoy in one direction, taking turns with the people at the other end coming the other way, so that they run one way for one hour and then the other way for the next hour.
Fine if it is upheld, but some times they ignore the change over and keep sending people down.

My fellow couchsurfer Jurij and Natasha's friend Praveen, from India, went to San Cipriano on Friday with neighbour Vivi and some others and went quite far into the jungle beyond the village, including wading through the San Cipriano river with their bags above their heads. As Natasha had to teach an english class on Friday, we came up the next day but unfortunately didn't arrive before sunset and in the middle of a very heavy rainstorm. The others couldn't come to meet us, condemned to another night alone in the jungle. We stayed in the main village and had a very fishy dinner of fish soup (sancocho de pescado) which was delicious and fried river fish, which was very boney but very fresh at least. 

The next day we went swimming in the river first thing. It wasn't too cold, very pleasant to swim in, but also a very strong current so had to be careful. The others arrived from their exile and after some delicious coconut cake, baked in the coconut shell, we went back to Cali.
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Coconut cake, served in a coconut …
Coconut cake, served in a coconut…
Rail. The only transport into and …
Rail. The only transport into and…
San Cipriano
photo by: jthreasher