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View of the old city at night

After a 17 hour bus ride from Mancora on Tuesday, I arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It's at high altitude, over 2500m, I think the second highest capital city in the world after La Paz in Bolivia. It has a charming old town and is attractively situated in the mountains and also a few kilometres from the Equator, or 0 degrees latitude.

We went to the Equator line, or what they call Ciudad Mitad del Mundo and is actually 250 metres from the real equator line. The real equator line is designated by an arc-shaped wall created by pre-incans who used their very advanced knowledge of astronomy to locate it correctly.

In Quito itself, I have walked around the picturesque old town and taken the TeleferiQo (brand new cable car) up to 4100m with spectacular views over the city. Myself and Nick, an english guy who I met in the hostel, spent a good hour just sitting watching planes landing at the airport below and contemplating the city and trying to regain our breath after the walk up to the viewpoint. Not a hard walk at sealevel, but a different kettle of fish at this altitude.

I was supposed to leave for Colombia this morning, but chose more sleep instead. Tonight I will go to bed early and try to get the 6.30am bus tomorrow to get me to the border before lunch, so that I might see and do everything I want to and get to Pasto in Colombia before nightfall.

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View of the old city at night
View of the old city at night
photo by: Bluetraveler