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campingplace cecina

Dear Italian lovers or addicts, or inhabitants, or as i refer to others :p

On 2006 i went "on tour" with a group travel, not the ones who say to you get up this late, do this do that, and now go to sleep,....but a group travel were you could buy a package and could go with them if you liked. I bought a trip to Cecina mare including beachsport package, which included snorkling, beach volleyball, windsurfing (very important) and MTB. The camping we were was Le Tamerici, a big camping near the beach, it says.

Included also was the busdrive to this place so, lay back and get some views and eat on the way..at first one guy was late, how can you be late for your holiday??? he phoned the busdriver that he was standing in Maastricht, we were packed in Eindhoven, sooooooo there we went.

cecina center
That person gots his first comments when he entered the bus, hahahaha...and he got yes...we Dutchies, or they Dutchies, me very lovo Italiano and living in Belgium, sang special for the person nice songs like we zijn nog niet van huis nog lannnnnnnnge niet :p..

and we left, busdriver had a special picked film but forgot there were kids in the bus so.....that battering movie was kindoff over the edge :p for them, some dude asked for e romantic movie, probably for his girlfriend or something....anyway

At the first stop we stopped offcourse in a road restaurant.....we stuffed something inside (i dont call this food, just stomach filling Mc Donalds style) and saw a Bus going to Lloret the mar stopping also (the only one sober was the busdriver and they also came from Holland, so people already drunk within a few miles) funny face.

view with nightfall
..you sitting there sober and others wobbling across the parkinglot finding the entrance door...one smacked against the closed part, open one just cm away... one woman hearing on phone that her friend cheated on her so now she HAD to do the same, luckely my food was in my mouth, other ones hearing that were not that lucky...spraying food all over.

welllllllll time to go, yep......we were on the highway with a bunch of friends now, just talking lauching and having fun, people who were at first friends you just havent met yet, (never strangers) and now friends..singing sometimes typical songs (Limp Bizkit: Rollin) (AC/DC: Highway to Hell, busdriver was not amused :p) (Judas Priest: Turbo Lover) (Ome Henk: op de camping:p) etc...

we were in Italy by now and heading to Livorno to drop people off who went to Sardegna....busdriver made a mistake in the harbor, so he had to turn the massive bus around in a small street (again for us an amusement factor, my first Italian word was from a woman who almost got hit by the bus: stronza she said...my first Italian..snif snif..

well we dropped the people out, waved at them.......the boat would be there within 4 hours so......time for them to eat and for us to travel....he only rode again wrong one time after, taking a street where even motorcyclists have dificulty ballancing and eventualy stopping before a hughe massive, humongous....well the bridge was so small and thin, you had to walk behind your bike to get over...

Arriving at last in Cecina on the Camping, we were diveded into pairs and stacket into the tents made up for us.......that means just thorw in your gear, and get some coffie and refreshmenst at the beach.

Next morning, it was relax time, the awaking ritual, getting washed, sandwich with coffee and head for the beach, and the village...nice little town it was, also with festival on the "center" with music and lots of people, soooo we had to go there. one group going in...hehehe. Dutch invasion Again. We also made plans for a beach campfire later that week, so we were also organising that (food drinks) people were already enthousiastic.

We had lovely icecream, some good foods and went to the beach to get a tan......one time the beach is ok, but not weeks and weeks..after we bought some limoncello (personal addiction  together with the wine, hehe) for our welcoming party Labyrinth organized also a dinner welcome for the group, that was great...we all freshned up and get to the dinner table in the restaurant...owwwwwww mighty, that restaurant owner was in for a surprise. some smart ones asking things that we absolutely nowere to be found on the menu... :O

we laughed a lot, and get to know the people who you already knew from the bus.......heyyy my name is.......yeah i kindoff recognized your face, you were sitting next to me on the bus, werent you you handsome woman.....hehehe....(and getting the typical responds back: you must be mistaken by someboody else)

had Tiramisu as desert and went to the tents, and noticed it was raining a bit...woking up in the morning saw people hosing some tents...offcourse the comments in the morning were as fresh as it should be: Had a good night? Playing titanic again? strange, it was only your tent... cool down has a whole different meaning now.

In the morning we wrote ourselves in the people who wanted to surf, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaa, o yes...we sat in the car and the woman was explaing how surfing worked, i wasnt paying attention on that part because i do this long time....when we were there woman showed basics and stayed on the beach, with me helping the others in the water...(you cant teach when someone is yards away) (i had the feeling passing Micheal Phelps three times) but it was great, and after the wind picked up, it was my turn....had very nice runs :p

After it was time to play some beach Volleyball, a woman of our group had to joke that we were the national team of Holland,....they said that it was ok, because they were the local Cecina Mare team, practising every day here...well there we went. first the smashed so hard you wouldnt even see the ball comming, but after a while the noticed that we joked about the first part of being national team... hummmmm they won.....


In the morning we wrote up to go to Volterra, Siena and San Gimigano, all cities very famous for its Etruskian empire and occupation, you still see the remainings of it we noticed.

Volterra is famous for his Etruskian empire and still has the village "in tact"

Siena is famous for the Palio and the square, but dont forget to visit the quarters, each quarter has its own flag...like Friesland in our country....and they have to defend there pride and the flag at the very historical and ancient Palio race, with horses, on the Piazza del Campo (an Elliptical shaped center of Siena), many people from all over the world are comming there. We wanted to go out of the made paths and went into the quarters...very beautifull, he have signs like unicorn, snake, panther,...

after this beautifull city we went eating in a trattoria in San Gimigano, the owner was proud to show us the wine tastin, and we were proud to tast, it was good wine, good antipasti and a wonderfull ending of a day....

for the rest i can write a long story, but just look at the pictures :)



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campingplace cecina
campingplace cecina
cecina  center
cecina center
view with nightfall
view with nightfall
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photo by: Joost1976