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First stop in Argentina was Salta and the one thing on everyones mind was..... steak for dinner.  Went to a place called Viaje Jacks I think.  Steaks were so massive we were ordering one between two and still had tonnes each.  We found a really nice wine too which I carefully wrote down the name of so we could find it again and then promptly lost it... Well done.  Ended up in a bar who´s waiters claimed they serve the best mojitos.. in the world.  Well they were seriously good!!  It went on to be a very funny, weird night.  For ever more known as the white rabbit night for reasons known to those present.  We crawled home well after daylight.

Next day we headed out of town to Salta Rafting centre and had a day of ziplining and white water rafting.  I wasn´t too impressed with the rafting - river was dead calm.  More floating than rafting.  The adrenaline junkies in the group were well disappointed.  Zip lining was good though.  Not nearly as scary as it looked at first even though you´re hanging something like 160 m up over the river valley.  The lines zigzag across the valley until the final one where you eventually fly straight down into the campsite.  To finish the day they served us up a massive bbq, death by steak overdose!!...  Lots of wine & beer followed and lots of the girlies getting a little over friendly with the rafting instructors.  Made for lots of slagging the next day.  Think my Geordie tent buddie made quite an impression on one of them!! :-)

Cafayate was next stop and that meant one thing - Vineyards.  We hired ourselves some bikes and headed off out to the countryside in the sunshine.  Visit the Etchart bodega in the morning and did the full tour and proper tastings and even think I learned a thing or two about looking at horseshoes, and difference between early & late harvests...  Stopped for lunch of.. yeap steak and wine... then went out to La Banda where we unashamedly skipped the tour and went straight to the tastings.  Bought 3-4 bottles which ended up being drunk almost straight away.  Back at the camp we heard some of the others had been kicked off the Etchart tour in the afternoon for being drunk and rowdy and Séamus was showing off some nasty cuts after falling off his bike while drunkenly cycling with no hands singing "Flying without wings"
There was quite a few fragile heads the following day!!....

Mendoza was our next destination - again famous for vineyards but none of us made it to any this time thanks to the after effects of a fancy dress party for one of the girls birthdays.  As her name´s Hayley, the theme was anything beginning with H, so there was Hells Angel, Hula Girl, Hari Krishna, Holy Mary, Heaven & Hell, Hannibal Lecter, and the scariest hooker you´ve ever seen....(Yes Brendan was a bit too happy with his balloon boobs!)  It was all pretty hilarious.  People made a really good effort.  But the punch took its toll.  All we were fit for the next day was lying by the pool in the sun, and eventually working up to a trip to Walmart to stock up on booze for the next party....

Yes I´m just realising that this whole post revolves around alcohol.... Hmm.  We´re not really that bad.  Well not all the time!!..

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photo by: montecarlostar