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Finally arrived in Lima last night.  After a week of camping, tents full of sand, cold showers etc - having a hotel room feels like the height of luxury.

Did my bridge swing in the end on Thursday before leaving Rio Verde.  Scared myself silly but it was great still, well worth it!

Packed up all our gear on Friday (26th Sept) and started the long drive south toward the border.  Driving through the mountains there was some stunning scenery.  There was lots of times when we were all hanging out the windows of the truck trying to get photos and falling all over the place as the truck hit all the potholes...  We did our first rough camp that night just pulling over on some lay by on the road side at dusk and waiting till dark to put the tents up in case the police happened to see us and move us on!!  It was grey and misty and the middle of nowhere.  I thought it would be awful, but it was fine.  We set up our kitchen, made dinner, beers and rum around the camp fire, and fell asleep listening to weird wildlife sounds outside...

We were up at 6am the next morning as we had a ten or eleven hour drive to get across the border to Peru.  Came down from the mountains and passed mile after mile of banana plantations down near the coast.  Once we hit Peru the scenery seemed to change completely.  Dry, and sandy - none of the green of Ecuador.

Our first stop was Punta Sal, where we camped out on the beach for 3 days.  Nearly ended up being stuck there longer as the truck had a  problem with the brakes so was laid up for a while.  But the thoughs of being stuck on one of Peru´s best beaches with nothing to do all day except sunbathe, swim, drink beer and play volleyball didn´t seem to worry anyone too much.  But the truck got sorted and after 3 days of sundrenched laziness and 3 nights of drinking round the campfire we moved on to Huanchaco, to visit the Chan Chan ruins (which I shamefully can´t remember the history behind - will have to read the guide book again!!  )

Another long days driving, another rough camp on some random beach, on some guys veranda, mile after mile of what seem like giant sand-dunes with the highway cut into the side, and nothing to see for miles, and we´ve finally reached Lima.  Culture shock to be back in a city with traffic, horns blaring, crowded streets etc...  But it does mean our first night out on the town.   We´re headed to Miraflores tonight for dinner, drinks and dancing.  And as its just about time for me to go get ready to go out - I´ll leave it there....

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photo by: rsvpme