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The whole thing starts out on Friday morning when the city blocks off the street that reaches from the post office to the other side of Gazebo Park.  The vendors start setting up and the music is quiet but inviting.  I can hear all the activity from my yard.  No, I don't travel to this event because I can just walk over when ever I get the mind to party.  :0)  It is a party.  It is the kick off fall festival for my town and I hope some of you will make it here someday as it is not advertised and it is the same weekend every year.  It is for the locals, by the locals, because we want our seniors to live past graduation night at Boulder City High School.  Yes, we all get good and drunk so they don't.  All proceeds go to the locked doors at the VFW.  It is an all night party for the seniors and they always come away with stories to tell for years to come.  The point is they don't drink, don't drive drunk and live to tell the stories.  I do love this town. 
I could have spent the whole day over in Gazebo Park but I find it cuts into the night party for my aging party self.  There is an awesome car show, Bratwurst and sour kraut for everyone plus the usual beer booths, wine tasting, and various food vendors.  There is a stage that goes up and gets used all day by the local musicians.  Then, at dark, Tommy Rocker and his crew show up and lead us all into the street dance!  This year was quite a turn out.  Man!  The whole park above the stage was quilted with blankets and coolers and kids and family fun.  The darkness makes it crazy to weave through so I pretty much stick to the street.  It's a mass of movement to the beat and that rock and roll will get you moving whether you mean to or not.  Now that is some hot rock and roll!  All through the night we are all hugging hellos to the people we party with each year when this night brings us all out of our desert homes, into the cooling air of Nevada desert fall.  Beautiful sunset behind ancient trees and the stage lighting, glowing and inviting.  
So I get there and immediately I run into an old friend, while we chat, another friend stops into chat and I realize I need a beer.  First you get to the booth where you get the wrist band that says you are old enough to be holding a glass in your hand.  The guy says, "Did you bring your ID?"  I say, "No but I can tell you the year I was born if you promise not to tell."  He says, "No worrys, just show me a tatoo and we'll be good."  I say,"Ooh, I would have to take too much off to get there........"  I don't have any tattoos but he doesn't know that.  :)  The look on his face is a good sign it's going to be a good night.  I get my wrist band and move to the beer booth line.  Yeah, there is always a line but it's another place to find people so it's cool.  Soon as I step into line, Big Bill almost steps on me so I get a hug that flies me in a circle.  Yes, he hit people with my legs but they just laugh and he just laughs and I am getting sucked into another WurstFest.  You know, it all just leads you.  There is so much going on everywhere you walk and that music.  I don't know about you but it gets me feeling so alive!  The rest is kind of a blur but the trick is keep your head because after The Rockers finish and the second band itson, it is time to walk over thoThe Boulder Dam Hotel.  Justin Mather will be performing his acoustic show in the underground.  You know, Eagles, Tom Petty, Jim Croce and he has a good sound of his own work.  It's a great way to regroup before walking over to The Backstop for more live Rock and Roll.  I'm telling you, they book the best!  I like to go in for the pool table crowd and I got on the table for 4 or 5 gamesfbut somehow I ended up playing against George all night and man, he is just so boring!  Small town stuff, I know but really, just be something George!  Anyway, he is a little bit of challenge for me so it was okay but I lost interest with every pouty look for all the times I cleared the table.  I especially don't like to win when he scratches on the eight ball so I moved over to the music side and got another beer.  The place exploded about 11:00 when the street dance broke down so the energy level pulled any tired out of everyone.  I like to free agent in this place so I just moved through the faces and hugs and before I knew it I was watcheng these bikers play at the table I had been on.  We traded secrets and laughed about hits till I just couldn't stand it.  I made my way through the crowd, found a guy and took him to the dance floor.  Yeah, the music was awesome and it lifted us.  By the time that street dance shut down, The Backstop was at capacity.  When it gets like that after WurstFest, there are sure alot of grins everywhere but I am small and it's hard to see me in the sea so I got back to Eric's table by the pool tables and watched more games before it was time to walk home.  He is a DJ in Vegas but his daughter is 15 this year so he is working the parties and pubs in Boulder City now.  I got the line-up of his gigs, tried to finish my chat with the bikers and then realised I better get my happy self home.  After midnite the copshop shows to keep everyone thinking designated driver, etc.  For all those people, out of towners included, I never saw any trouble and those who lost their pace were picked up off the floor and moved to chairs to regroup.  Don't you love a small town? 
Hugs and kisses all around, I left and walked through the dark of the desert town night.  Lamp poles lit my way home and it was another fine WurstFest in Boulder City.  Life is good.    N.
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Boulder City
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