Day 2: a river runs through it (or so I'm told...)

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We set out at daybreak with an aim of making it down to the Colorado River and back up to Horseshoe Mesa by day's end.  Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.  A few hours in, my (then) girlfriend's ankle started hurting, and fearing she wouldn't be able to make it back if we tried to go all the way to the river (which was still another 2 hours away), we decided to turn around and started   heading up to the mesa.  I was terribly disappointed, but even though we didn't see the river, we did manage to still see some really stunning canyons formed by smaller streams within the larger canyon.  Unfortunately, the camera's battery was very low, so there are no pictures from this day.
In the end, it turns out it was for the best that we didn't continue to the river.  Because less than a half hour after we set up camp on the mesa, a terrible thunderstorm blew in which would surely have stopped us dead in our tracks had we still been hiking.  Christine told us not to worry because rainstorms in the canyon tend to be very short.  Well, this was the exception to the rule.  It poured down heavy rain for almost an hour with high winds that threatened to blow our gear away.  Worse yet, there was lightning, which isn't exactly what you want to see when you've decided to set up camp on a mesa which is the highest point in the immediate area.  Fortunately, we rode the storm out playing cards and eating a light dinner of whatever we happened to have in the tent with us (cheese and cucumbers, as it turns out) and had a peaceful night of sleep.
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Grand Canyon
photo by: Sunflower300