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So I call for a taxi, and once again contend with the fact that my phone doesn't work internationally. I'm on roaming here in Canada actually but I'm not quite sure I can call international numbers. There's a direct phone to the Victoria Taxi from our hotel.. but how do I get BACK? I know for certain that Hatley Castle is closed - and that's where all the administrative people sit who are there to help. Oh fuck it, if I have to hitch a ride, so be it! Where is my sense of adventure?!

So I grab a taxi as soon as I get back to the hotel and it isn't until I step off the taxi that I realize I'm still wearing my little dress and little heels. Hatley Gardens is full of TRAILS. And by trails I mean pebbles and leaves and cakey dirt. Jesus I must've been quite a sight.
Most of the tourists were already leaving - and wearing sneakers, hiking boots, that sort of deal. And I'm in my strappy lime heels. Right, I'm so brilliant.

What the fuck, if I have to run around barefoot and cut myself up I don't give a crap at this point. One good and beautiful thing would come of this trip if I had to draw blood for it! So off I go and sneak into the gardens. The ticket person is gone by now so it's a slight offsetting of what would ultimately be an $80 CAN taxi roundtrip. This place is unbelievably gorgeous. I'm so glad I came.

I made it to the Japanese Gardens and the gardens around the mansion. The Japanese Gardens were a little scary as this narrow stone path cuts pretty close to the pond without any guards or railing.
This made it that much more beautiful and natural-looking, but as the grounds were empty and I can't swim.. one faulty step on the pebbly path in my lime green shoes would mean certain death in those murkey waters! They might've not even found me for days - I'm not even joking.

I didn't make it to the English Gardens of the Fern Gardens or the hiking trails. But I did walk around the main Garden quite a bit with its circular veranda and gorgeous view of the back of the castle. It was a really enchanting place.. perhaps more so since I was alone during my explorations. It could've very well been my private grounds I was wandering around, just without my trusty butler or parasol-bearer! I really enjoyed the lack of people to interfere with my meditations or whims.
Nature is an awing and also frightening thing - I've never been a nature-y girl but I have incredible respect for its determination and beauty.

After about half an hour I decided to wrap it up as it was just a couple of hours or so before sunset and I was getting really tired with all the balancing and careful footing. I managed to call a taxi after my quick exploration of the gardens and spent about 15 minutes in the front of the castle - taking pictures, chasing strange albino peacocks and looking at the sky. All in all - I was happy with my little solo adventure today and slept well - unfortunately missing the band playing tonight due to the tremendous and neverending day.
Biglush_23 says:
jesus you take great pix ^^
Posted on: Sep 14, 2008
jenn79 says:
Heehee, thanks! =) It was seriously an adventure.. and there are more pets?! No wonder the peacock didn't flinch when I was flying after it in my heels with my DSLR pointed at it! =)
Posted on: Sep 08, 2008
Biglush_23 says:
omg ^^ im so happy happy for you ^^ ooh and you found one of the "pets" too ^^ beautiful.
Posted on: Sep 07, 2008
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photo by: hummingbird50