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Some guy I bumped into in the park.

I got up at a civilised hour and headed into the town to drift from one coffee house and latte to another. I had to make my decisions today and book something otherwise I would end up doing nothing but eating and drinking in Reykjavik, and I’ve already done too much of that!

I decided on catching a bus along Route One which takes the road along the North Coast to Akureyi, booking an overnight stay in the hostel there, a trip around the ‘Highlights of the North’ on Sunday and then catch the flight back to Reykjavik that evening.

I booked most of these but I was assured that there was not any need to book the overland to Akureyi as a seat was guaranteed. If there were too many people for one bus then another would be provided, even if I was the only ‘extra’ passenger. I wasn’t entirely convinced. Once I had the majority of my trip safely booked I decided to just chill out the rest of the day, finding new places to get a latte, I might write a guidebook on great coffee houses in Reykjavik!

I also decided that tomorrow I would take a stroll up Mount Esja which is the ridge which dominates the skyline of Reykjavik. The guidebook describes it as an easy walk which Grandfathers may take their grandchildren on their first work together. It sounds right up my street right now, and there was also the option to follow the ridge to some other high spots.

I had a cheap plate of pasta in a little place called The Deli, yeah honestly a ‘cheap’ place to eat in Reykjavik! I headed back to the Aurora where they were just beginning a room party; well it would be rude not to interact with my room-mates wouldn’t it? I opened a bottle of red and offered it around to those who didn’t want to drink just beer or didn’t mind mixing the grain and the grape and we had a good laugh, all in all a very relaxed and enjoyable end to a chilled out day.

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Some guy I bumped into in the park.
Some guy I bumped into in the park.
Across Tjornin towards downtown.
Across Tjornin towards downtown.
Interesting even if just a for a p…
Interesting even if just a for a …
I prefer this one though.
I prefer this one though.
Hallgrimkirkja Church just down th…
Hallgrimkirkja Church just down t…
Is this artistic or was I just dru…
Is this artistic or was I just dr…
photo by: MadeleineGL