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in 2004 as well in 2008 i went to Embrun, because of its beautyfull surroundings



First i have to say that the experience of Interrailing then was amazing.

Hopping on a train with your tent, a camping book, your tickets, and the biggest smile of the southern hemisphere :D. going from Roosendaal to Paris, and got stuck in the metro gates of the train station, i pulled out (luckely the gates were strong enough) because if my backpack :p. Anyway, just swiching trains and going to Brindisi (48h trainride) because my friends and i wanted to see everything on the way back, more at Brindisi we stayed one night in a hotel.

At night we got to the center end a man approuched us to buy some pizza with him, well who can say no to an Italian Pizza..we ate and make jokes with the people sitting next to us, so within some minutes they were joining us too, they were from Australia, great people.

these 2 years i had 2 times a parapenting flight which i never will and want to forget..
..realy woman stone cold crazy...but hey, that was even more great, someone like me, woman go to tiolet and you hear a man screaming, someone is in the wrong toilet...(ok we were kindof thinking what a sissy, but hey......dont tell any further)

after the great meal and friends say goodby...we walked, some kindoff stumbled home (i think they still figure out how the found there bed)

At morning we got to get some drinks and food because we made reservation for the fast ferry (trimaran) because the slow one takes 8h to get to the island where we were going to, Corfu :).


We ordered some drinks, also yogurt.....and got in the boat:) woman said you can drink everything exept yogurt because its to heavy for the stomach........ooooooooo no we hadnt got any, no way... :s (one friend is kindoff seasick we noticed after teasing here with it :p) owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww there is land, nope there it goes again, you missed it :p..she got to sit in the back.. it was a heavy sea, nice..feeling like a playball on the ocean. going to toilet at rough sea is a nice challenge, many who passed us in our seats came back just touching the doorknob and sliding back...we yellin YOU CAN MAKE IT, comoooooooon, 30th try for everything.:P


we did arrive at the harbor of Corfu in 2 pieces, 1 upper piece, one down full of yogurt :P but it was very nice, people came at us with camping places and "hotels" mysteriously looking flyers...we were brought to our camping with a VW, at first it looked like a normal one, but the slidingdoor was missing, and there were 8 people cramped in the Van, we were sitting, some hanging, some...well whatever they were doing is still a mystery (kindoff Yoga to fit in)

Arriving at the camping, put up our tents en got exploring everything, the food was great, suuroundings also...and at night they had a sort of camping party, we also attended...and it was great, we stayed there 3 nights, seeing beach, some nature, and a great place.

Hopped back into the boat after and head back to Brindisi (Italy) and spend 2 days walking and seeing this place..very special bay areas over there and a hotel that costs as little as a campingplace...ok it had iron beds with a woodn board underneath because they were broken, but hey..everything for a straight and tight back, hehe.. and also seeing some caves in the beach areas. realy loved this place also.

climbed upwards in Italy with the train towards Rome, a realy amazing city....not the turist part, but where the students are, realy love it..deep going overboard with Italy again, whoops..:D

we stayed on a camping near the River, we also have seen the Colloseum offcourse, the Vatican, the churches...and the old part...wowwwwww.......

4 days staying here, and it was again amazing...and we went to Pisa, runnin, taking snapshot at the tower and back into the train again...i saw locals look like:..............leaning tower, -----> that way.

and we had to sleep in the train, but we had no cabins.....but slept fine, on ground before a cabin.

We went to Venice with that train, and again when we arrived, we were stunned...but from the canals, from the locals, ...looking at turists as a turist is sometimes funny...still trying to winn a betting game in Venice called switching balls (3 cups one ball and guessing where its underneat, and a relative of the person is in the crowd setting "example".

some people sang: o solo mio, but they were with can u explain that :P

after 2 days in Venice looking and exploring we head for the border of France to explore Embrun, we arrived kindoff late but the owner i knew because i was there before, is also the bartender, beer and one campinplace please, you can put it on the same bill :p.. we found one, putted up our tents and got some sleep, woke up and went to the lake, lac de serre poncon, it is and stays an amazing place to be. again with the mont Guillaume in the back, the Durance ending into the lake with meltingwater of the mountains...the surf area, good winds :p. we also went to the small but lovely village of Embrun with the typical santons, Lavender soup and everything,...Embrun is on top of a rock so you can look down across the lake and over fields..

at night we went to the bar on the beach were all people hang out, a juke box with cds of good old rock and pop titans (no house) like Queen, Jimmy Hendrix,Lenny Kravitz,Doors, Roy Orbison, well you kindoff have an idea. o yeah, i forgot Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin :p

so we drank some beers and went to our tents, next morning we would write us in for something spectacular, my friends wrote themselves in for canyoning and i went what i also did last year PARAPENTING, wowww... we had an appointment in 1 day when the wind was good (forecast looked good) and indeed, it went on, yahoooooooooooooooee :P i met my instructors and some students in a bus, and we first drove to the landing spot where the students got their wetsuits, we were flying over water, so i was flying duo, they had to fly alone,  if i got money from the scared looks i saw, i was lying in the Bahamas now with my own crew....

we drove up, with a driving style a rally cross driver would not think off...

anyway, we were up there eventualy, and i was alive, so was the was half to begin with.

the man layed down his parachute and i had to go sit in something what lookes like an oversized huggies pamper :)...he could speak some dutch my instructor, just the basic things u need......1......2......3........rennen. :D

so i ran and at sertain point you feel like moonwalking with Micheal Jackson on a bad day.......your walking in thin air and not going anywhere because you are aaaaaaaaaaairborneeeeeeeeeeee :p the hussle before is forgot so fast.....WHAT A VIEW, what a feeling, just wind, sneering in the ropes the sound of birds.....looking down and seeing where we went on the road, but than, tinny......tinny as we are as human beings in nature, puppets..:) some dangling feet (appearently mine :p)

looking over the lake, beautifull...........till the instructor said........missed landingspot, steep dive......BRACE YOURSELVE, whoehoewwwww Joost going spirolling down.....never sat in a washing machine in my intire life, sometime had to be first :p

we almost an ground he said...lopen....well i was amazed he knew more words..i was walking in thin air (was hoping noone took pictures of THAT) :p


we landed, and left me a great feeling, behind me someone landed ( student, on a quite illegal way......2 feet to front, other instructors came running in not to amused :p and they ended up between the ropes of his parachute........i think he passed his exam, FOR KNITTING :P)

well they drove me back to the village and were singing french songs.nooooooooooooo ne regret riennnnnnnnnn, yepsss...i know that one miss Piaff aka Edith

Back to the tent, we had another camping festival with local singers...i wondered where all the Ricardi went...and they were singing great, yeah to Idols they are first was great seeing people taking effort to sing,drink, sing, that order.:p (pastis is called the drink)

We also went Rafting...this was also a great adventure......crazy, but the end there was just one person missing...our guide. we he got back eventualy, but he was stranded because we made a wrong move on the boat and we were paddling forward.

want more info, just ask :D

after this we want to Marseille, a great place, also beautifull, Bordeaux for the wine for our fathers, and back in Holland...we saw a lot of different people, but one thing in common, the pleasure to share passion and a laugh....


my pics are from internet, i havent got pics on a digi cam, was an old camera taking it.but you have some images

Joost1976 says:
nooo i dont feel sick, just want to share this crazy story with u :p
Posted on: Sep 06, 2008
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in 2004 as well in 2008 i went to …
in 2004 as well in 2008 i went to…
these 2 years i had 2 times a para…
these 2 years i had 2 times a par…
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