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Been reading a book recently that I wanted to share a passage from - Things I want my Daughters to Know - by Elizabeth Noble - its like she took one of her characters straight out of my head.....

“Sometimes, like when she was filing, Amanda thought about her addiction to being on the move.  About whether she was running away or running towards.  She loved the mystery of a plane landing somewhere new, of the train pulling into a station.  She loved to stand in the middle of a market square, or a park, or a beach and take in the smells and sounds of a world that was completely new to her.  She loved being an anonymous extra in a crowd scene, like a real life Where’s Wally?, a tiny face, wide-eyed with wonder, in a vast, ever-changing picture.  She didn’t get frightened.  Well, hardly ever.  Once, in Malaysia, packed into a boat she knew was too full, asked to sleep for eight hours on a deck no more than four feet deep.  And maybe a few times, on trains and in buses, feeling a thousand strange eyes on her and her belongings, fighting an overwhelming desire to sleep.  But she was a smart girl – she didn’t do stupid things, she didn’t take daft risks.  Mum had insisted on at least one phone call a month, and she’d always made it – and, now of course, there was hotmail everywhere, and it was almost impossible to be lost.  She supposed, briefly, that she’d call Mark now.


            If she was running away, not running – arms wide – towards the world, she was running away from responsibility and pressure and obligation.  And she wondered why the whole world didn’t have the sense to do the same thing.  Surely, she was the sane one?”


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