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Ten years after the movie, we finally managed to peak on Phi Phi Island, where is located on the outer side of Thailand. From Jakarta, the cheapest route was taking the AirAsia flight, Jakarta-Penang-Jakarta, then a roadtrip to Krabi, then a ferry to the island. We changed all of our money to RM and baht, prior to the journey.

From Penang Airport, 2 cabs RM38 each were very useful to reach the city center. We stayed overnight at Gurney Park apartment, which has room tag RM50 and RM60/night. Not so bad. Soon we rested our backs and butts on the sofa. The apartment guy (I forgot his name) arranged us a van to take us early next day to Phi Phi Island. The van, said, will pick us on time at 5, to take us on 4 hours drive to Hatyai, RM30 each, before switching van to Krabi, another 4 hours drive, RM52 each. The long road trip was mostly nappy time. A friend would turn on the music, but soon as she dozed off, so did the music. But it was great. We arrived at Thailand border on time at 8am, had a fast breakfast, then headed on to Krabi at 9. Once we arrived (was 1.30pm), straight away we bought 5 tickets the last ferry that leaves at 3pm. We change vehicle to the pier, jostled with other foreigners.

2 hours after queasy ferry, we got to the island's pier. Even with the rushing wind, the view soon took over our mood to the brighest sunshine!=) And though tired as hell, we walked amazed along the way to The White 2. To book The White 2, you do email corresponding to The place was excelent! We got rooms on rooftop with view to the hills and a porch in front of each room. Designed very chic in white color, my first impression was it's too cute and so clean! One room/night is 1200baht, an extra bed costs 300baht/night. Room has air con and hot shower. Before we call it a night, dinner took place at Madame Resto, where Padthai costs 80baht, also few round stroll.

Brunch at Phi Phi rest were okay. (the one I most recommend is Tom Yum Rest.!) Then came the price bargaining with the long-tail-boat guy... 2500baht to Phi Phi Ley for 6 hours, snorkling gears included, and we're off to Maya Bay. The current was quite strong for a daylight. We passed this huge rock like the one in the Lord Of The Rings, where behind it, water gets shallow and clearer. Ponds of turquois water are everywhere. Caves were hidden under the gigantic rocks. The water was so inviting, your heart beats awaiting the moment you're allowed to jump off the boat. Then came the greenlight we can go under snorkling. It was one of those fine moments! Not long though, I realized the current got stronger, it pulled us as quick further from the boat. The pressure was also getting harder on the lung, I felt it took the oxygen away. My chest felt like bloated. Soon I yelled for help and the guy in a boat nearest to me, swang to life a life-jacket. With it, I managed to swim to the narrow coastal to see crabs.

In Maya Bay, the sand was soft and as white as in the pictures. The water just as clear, and turquois as in the pictures! Not like other beaches I know, the sun didn't strike hard. Many shades from the big rocks. We marked our spot right under the one rock that sticks outward and covers half the beach. It was goood. We swam the water, then went into the deep woods. Lazying around the snack bar, then got through the high trees where hills hid us. At the end point, another hidden beach was found. The water only as deep as ankle, and at its corner lays the cave we passed earlier (whilst in boat) where I almost drowned. So this is the cave people rumored about entering maya without paying 200baht!=D Back on Phi Phi Don, we hanged at Reggae Bar, where Thai Boxing is showing. We had two buckets for 500 baht on hands, with a table facing the boxer stairs to stage. Music stops at 2am, by the way... Other place we loved to hang around was the 7/11, where at 2am people still bustled around.

The next day, on the way to Loh Dalum bay, we walked pass the Memorial Park After Tsunami. Loh Dalum was another great view. Only the sand not as white as Maya's, and the shade costs you 100baht/day. We spent our afternoon till the sun set. Seeing couple played pingpong in the water, speed boating, kayaking, collecting shells, or just submerged having group chat.

Cancun Bar were having fire party that night so after dinner at The Rocks (they had superb fried rice!) we went there, sat on the sand. There were small crowd, the game limbo under the fire, and ring of fire. At first it was quite fun but as loud the music was on, no people on the floor. So we moved out. We heard about Hippie Bar from the night before. So we strode our way there, to their Half Moon Party, which turned out to be quiiite far on the other side of the island. But it was worth it. The crowd was great to the music, there was floor, and people are down! We had our time until 3 or so...

I forgot to mention about dinner at Valentine Rest., where I stumbled at roach! Ufhh.

On our last morning, two of my friends went kayaking whilst me and others had our time in the book store next to our hotel's corner, sipping coffee, Until time to View Point, climbing the 300 stairs. View Point is at the tip of the island, where you can see the whole Phi Phi Island from the top! Best to climb is before the sunset. The view was amazing!! Definetely a must see!

We didn't miss Tonsai Rest, right by the Tonsai Bay. On our last night we dined there, only to find the taste was just okay.

On wednesday morning, we left at 8, and headed to the pier for the 9am ferry. The sea was calm. Soon after the ferry arrived at Krabi pier (at 11am that is), I recommend you take the bus leaving from Krabi pier at 11 (waiting right outside the pier), than any other vehicle you may find!

I missed my flight anyways, so I stayed overnight at Penang Airport. My sister back home was the one searching for earliest and cheapest flight to Jakarta. She found one schedule for the next day. It was 6.30 am when she gave the booking number, KL-Jakarta leaves on 3.30 pm. Off we scurried to the bus station to catch the 8 am bus from Penang to KL. Then headed on to make the 1 pm express train from KL center to KLIA. It was an amazing race!

At KLIA, finally we ate proper (was 1.30 pm). Never thought Burger King could taste even better! We had enough time to exhale, especially with the flight delay to 7 pm. I turned to pastry, hot vanilla and a nice stroll around the extra spacey KLIA, until time to take off. Arrived at Soekarno Hatta at 9.30 pm, my brother was there already, waiting. Never missed home that bad to that day. As the long journey flashing back, it registered that it's thursday night. 8 hour office still on the track for the next day. Crap. My body all ached. But I thought, hang on just one more day, for then it's weekend.

P.S. .......missed our trip and you guys!!! Phi Phi genk: Oni, Danang, Gita, Mel, Sasa.

whites81 says:
kpn yaa??
Posted on: Jun 17, 2009
madannang says:
kangeeeennnn....jalan jalan lagiiiii
Posted on: Dec 10, 2008
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