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So, on Saturday we took a train from Reading and went to London. James had a meeting with his work colleagues, so again it was girls’ night! ;) Me and Christina called our friend Sandra who lives in London for a long time and arranged a meeting. I know Sandra since I was probably 12, so it was so nice to see her and hug. We had lunch at nice Italian place, walked around china town, and then went to an interesting art museum (you’ll see some pictures). It’s a pity that it wasn’t allowed to take pictures in all the halls, cause the paintings (!!!) were just like pictures. I was so surprised how is it possible to have such an amazing talent and paint the way it looked just like pictures. Amazing.

After Sandrita went to start her job in Casino, it was about the time to meet Wayne and Mark.

So, Piccadilly fountain. Full of people, but these guys are smart - knew that Lithuanian girls are the most beautiful in the crowd and easily recognized us ;) Haha ;) We hugged like an old friends and started our city tour… in a bar… ;) Haha :) Good way to start an excursion! ;) The guys showed us a nice place near London’s eye, we had some drinks, talked about travelling, meeting people, about England, Lithuania and etc. After knowing each other a bit better we started sight seeing. Walked around city, Wayne was the tour guide, sometimes Christina helped him, I was talking pictures and Mark was looking for the nearest bar… :) After a long walking in St. James park, visiting the queen we finally got into the Cheers bar. The place was full of people, but there were still place for us. It was such a relieve for all of us to sit in a cool place, have beer and some food.
It wasn’t typical London’s day - it was sunny, perfect weather, even hot. So we enjoyed the company and just relaxed. After the Cheers Mark and Wayne said that we are already late for happy hour in the bar where they have best mojitos. So we took a tube to Camden town to a bar ‘Fifty five’. See, those guys are really best holidays planners ;) Bar holiday planners!!!

The Camden town as you know is not the best place to be, but the bar was just perfect!!! Amazing cocktails, amazing people - just the right place for me! We had some cocktails and then Wayne and Mark went to meet Sandra (girl from USA) and bring her to FiftyFive. My friend Christina went to stand in the line to buy cocktails cause this places was so crowded and I just enjoyed myself outside with cocktail in my hand.

Not that long. During one hour waiting for Christina (yeah, she spent one hour waiting in the line) I met probably 10 men - some of them were nice, some not that nice. Some of them tried to offer me cocaine, some other ‘pleasures’, some wanted to invite me as we say to a ‘party downstairs’ ;))) Haha ;) It was so funny to see how men’s behaviour changes when they see that they can’t get what they want… :) They stop saying all sweet common phrases and started talk normal ;) Few of them were really nice and polite guys and later joined our big company. A Spanish family joined us as well. It was funny that they did not understand English and our Spanish wasn’t lets say perfect… :) But we still communicated fluently, exchanged contacts and had fun moments! When Mark, Wayne and Sandra came back to FiftyFive happy hour was over, but we still had few cocktails, talked, and laugh " had good time.
We left the place around 11, because I had to pack my bags as far as I had to leave next morning at 6 in the morning. On the way back we met James, he had too many cocktails as well as we did, so at home ordered Chinese food and spent night talking and laughing. So imagine me, James and Christina next morning - too many mojitos, few hours sleep… But we all felt really good!

James took me to the airport before 6, so I still had time for a cup of tea. The morning was very foggy, Christina joked, she said : in these few days you’ve seen everything - rain, sun, fog - all seasons in few days having in mind we have snow very rare. According to the weather, in Lithuania they would definitely delay few flights, but here everything was in time.

Few hours on the plane - I was so lucky - sitting alone so could sleep! All three seats were free - perfect bedtime for me! ;) In Oslo I had to meet Gundy, so I knew that she works somewhere near the airport, but this time she was in the centre. After last night I really had no power to go downtown so we decided to meet next time ;) This was the third time when we cancelled our meeting. Oh well, I need to go to Oslo for more hours not only for 4 or 6. I stayed in the airport, read a book, listened to my ipod - these hours went by very fast and I was on the plane to Riga. Again sitting alone and having a nap… :)

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