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… continuing my trip… ;)

22:00 I am in Riga. Did not sleep on the plane, just was dreaming and listening to music. My friends Kitija and Ivars met me at the airport. I was so tired, just wanted to go home and relax. But of course, Kitija made a nice dinner at home, we had few shots of tequila and long talking… ;) Typical Lithuanian - Latvian evening… ;) Just without songs and dances… ;)

Next morning it was September the 1st - official new school year opening day. We took Kitija’s brother and sister to school - everybody were with flowers. Here there is a tradition to give flowers to your teachers every 1st of September.

After that Kitija went to work and I had to meet Ivan (a guy from Spain travelling around Baltic) at 12:00. But it was only 10:00. The city was empty, just few people walking abound. So 10:30 I decided to wake Ivan up and tell him to come earlier. After 15 minutes he was at the place! I must say FAST! :) As far as Ivan just woke up he needed coffee and some food, so we went to have breakfast for him and pre lunch for me ;) It was so funny when he had cappuccino with garlic bread… :) maybe people in Spain eat like that… :) Ok ok, he wanted just a roll of bread or baggett, but anyway it was interesting choice ;)

After a nice morning/lunch coffee we went to see Riga. Just walked down the city, took millions of pictures. Ivan was lucky - had a private photographer! Ivan, you can pay the receipt back home! ;) Haha! ;)

Few hours walking around went by really fast.

At 3pm we met Lena. She is Ivan’s friend from Scotland times. Very nice and interesting person. She told Ivan lots of interesting stories about Riga and its history, architecture. I am sure he remembered some of the things!;) The best part of the tour was coffee at the Reval Hotel Riga top floor bar (we have same in Vilnius) -  from there you could see all Riga like on your palm! The atmosphere is just lovely there. Everyone must visit that place!!! Its better then any excursion! ;) Maybe I’ll write a review in a while about that place, if no - just go there and discover it yourself!

After having coffee with Lena and Ivan I had to leave them for a while. Met Kitija and went back to Jurmala to congratulate her sister and brother with the first day in school. It’s a tradition in our countries.

All Kitija’s family were there, had barbeque dinner, cake and other sweet children things. I gave them a huge pack of candies - they were so happy! :) It’s an important event for kids, especially when they are young like Janis (9) and Ania (14).

Just before the dinner I ran to the sea -  wanted to see sunset - you know that I am crazy about sunrises, sunsets and sea in general. Kitija made some really nice pictures of me (can see them in Jurmala's day) at the beach -  wow, I wanted to stay there longer, but as far as we had dinner and going back to Riga after that meeting Ivan and Lena, so had only about 15 minutes… Next time will spend there all day! Maybe with my personal Mr. Photographer... ;)

After the dinner we took a bus to Riga.

Ivan was waiting for us alone (?!). Lena went back home to her boyfriend, so Ivanito was all alone. At the same spot we met Kitija’s boyfriend Ivars and all together went to a bar for a few drinks. On the way to the bar Ivars was telling to Ivan which strip clubs are the best in the city ;) And Kitija was wondering why he know the places so well…:) Couples…:)

Finally we got into be bar Leningrad (where Ivan (!!!) was taking us - seemed that he knew old town better then local), but it was too full, so we stepped into the next bar. The bar had no name (as we thought so) so we called it James Bond 007 referenced to a poster on the wall… :) Spent there a few hours, maybe less - everybody were tired a bit. So we took Ivan to his hostel and went back to Jurmala. As usual, did not go to sleep right away - looked through the pictures and discussed the day.

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