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Missed the ice hockey match I had hoped to catch.  Met some Irish people (forgotten them now) and a nice guy studying in France.  Left to find some nosh.  Had no real idea what to expect.  Popped into a naff-looking restaurant and ordered beer, bean soup and the National dish (cannot recall name at the mo).  The soup was huge - like a whole dinner.  The layer of oil on top did not put me off.  I attempted to replicate this dish at home, but I replaced the sausage with black pudding cos of my cheapness (not the best substitute).

Served on a wooden dish was the main course - a massive lump of potato dumplings with goats cheese, bacon bits and all of the fat that came out the pig too.  I somehow finished it, and I was very pleased with the meal as a whole.

I walked back to a concert being played in the main square for a Beijing Olympics human rights demonstration, and took in a couple of songs.  Reflected on the small kid who seemed to be packing a semi-automatic weapon walking up and down the road outside the restaurant.  Without much else to do I timed the walk from the city centre to the hostel - 9 minutes was a nice duration.

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The night before, I had a very tentative look at the city centre.  From nervousness, I walked up and down the same street 4 times before making steps toward the old town.  I barely entered, but continued to walk around out of obligation not to spend my first night in the hostel.  Very tired and hungry I would return to a kebab shop for a fallafel wrap.  Two.  A confusion caused by my utter lack of comprehension of the language or accent at the time.  A brief read of my book (I think "On the Road") in the garden and bed.

Woke up at 11am - not promising but probably earlier than I was getting up at when at home in Bromley.  Did a walk tour from Brandt of the town which ended at the Danube - that famous river.  Walking and walking then lead to venturing to a small shop for water.  Sparkling water.  Another accident which I hoped wouldn't become a familiar theme.

Fed up of the acidity I was putting my mouth through, I got the balls to go for a drink that would better suit my mood.  Had my first beer in some back alley (the whole town is a back alley) bar.  Boy, the beer was good.  I now knew I had arrived on my tour.  Popped home (getting used to the hostel already!) for a long snooze.

photo by: Vagabondatheart