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Day 2 at Mykonos, Resort.

Get up this morning with a cat in my throat, too much vodka last night. I make it down to the eating area for breakfast. We have a big buffet for breakfast, from eggs, toast , bacon, and coffee, really good.

Sit with a few people and get to know a few of them. Some are staying and some are leaving today. So quite a different way of doing it all.

My plans today  I think will take it easy and sit around the pool area. That will be lots of fun as I never tried it before.

I go and sit by the pool for awhile and take it all in. I go swimming for awhile in the pool as its a salt water pool and its kinda cold, but fun regardless. I go sit on the beach for a while, can not swim as water is very cold, but then I go play some volleyball for awhile.

I get a great big sunburn under the greek sun, but its all good.

Then back to sitting by pool and watching all the girls walk by in bikinis and all. Then later on this guy is bbqing Pitas at a BBQ. So I line up to get my Pita and it is great, chicken flavour. As well have good beer to wash it all down with.

During this time I sunburn my ankles and feet quite badly, for some reason only that part got burned, funny.

Anyhow there is a big excursion today that goes to Paradise Beach, so I sign up as it is a big party beach. I get on the bus and we all make it to the Paradise Beach to the Tropicana Club. It is a wild place, you can dance on the bar and tables and when you do, you get a free shot. So I have lots of beer and shots and get right into the groove of it all.

I remember drinking so much that when I went to use toilet I went barefoot as I did not care. There was this pool near the bar, I was going back to get another drink, I was holding a drink in my hand. I fell face first into the pool cause I did not see it, too much beer. At this time I was holding up my drink making sure it did not spill. Too funny.

I run into this one girl on the dancing stage who is wearing a Canadian flag, I ask her where she is from, she ends up being Australian, quite funny. Anyhow it ends up being a great afternoon, of just straight party.

We head back to bus to go back to resort later on, and we are missing some people. On route back to resort, it sorta got a bit too wild for my tastes. The guide was making people exchange each other clothes with someone of the opposite gender, I choose not to participate, a little too much for me.

Finally make it back to the resort, this evening is dinner time. I think for dinner is a buffet of a great feast, I go and hang out with a few people and I am still drinking, way too much.

Then this evening is off to the night club for a good evening of drinks and dance. Its a good evening with crazy games going on every so often. Something I really never done before, but good times.

Anyways like what they say what goes on the road, stays on the road, I can not reveal the secrets of this day anymore, rest stays under lids.

Anyways called it a night and onto another day tomorrow.

sylviandavid says:
Drinks must have been free that day...
Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
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Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach
photo by: snobordrchic