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I went to  this fine resort that Contiki owned back in May 2006. It was a great adventure.

I arrived into Mykonos from flying all day from Berlin, Germany on Olympic Airlines. I left Berlin that morning and then flew into Athens, Greece. Then had a few hour layover at that airport. I looked outside the airport windows and was amazed at my first glance of seeing Greece, I can not wait to get to the Resort.

I go through security check and then board a small plane that will take me to Mykonos. Everyone on the plane is very excited. It is only a 20 minute flight vs taking the ferry for 7 hours!. On board the plane the attendant is this nice looking blond who serves some good orange juice which goes down quite well.

From what I see of the islands we fly over. It is an amazing sight, the Sea is a very blue sea and looks refreshing.

Finally we land at the Mykonos airport on the island. It is quite a nice place and looks very quiet and nice. I go to retreive my bags and I am to be met be a rep from the resort.

I leave the aiport and meet up with this nice Australian girl who is a representative of the Contiki resort. Who greets me quite well, we wait for a couple from Australia who also are staying at the resort. We board the bus and we all sit together. On route to the resort the girl goes over the rules of the resort and the layout as well the events that are going on. Sounds like a big time party.

We get to the resort and are guided into the lobby where we have to fill out some contact forms and a contract or something. The excitment is building.

This is my first time to a resort ever, so I have no clue what to expect, this should be a good time.

I make my way up this big hill to where my room is, which is at the top of the resort. My room is on ground floor which is good, I have a lawn chair outside. The rooms is kinda small but has a nice safe and bathroom is good. I have a good shower and get cleaned up.

Afterwards I head on down to the rest of the resort. As I am walking by a room at balconey. This one girl is calling out my name, I look up and its this one girl I had talked to prior on the internet who was coming here as well. She is good looking and looks like ready for a good time here. Looks like things are going to get going well. I make it down and enter the nightclub without any clue to what is going. I meet up with that girl and have a few shots. Then a few more shots and a few beer.

Afterwards it is time for more fun. I am told people are going on an excursion into Mykonos Town tonight. So I right away sign up and pay my dues.  Looks like fun.

We all get on the bus and start to get introduced to many of the people on the bus, lots of party people. A few people from Canada, USA, Australia mostly. We head into the town of Mykonos for a wild night on the town.

First bar we enter was the Scandinavian Bar, which is a popular party club here, very busy. You could barely walk around in it and drinks were way crazy.  However at same time a big blast. Lots of girls dancing on the tables and its all good.

We then go from here to 2 other bars to which i have no memory of as I had quite a few drinks that night. But went to many places and it was a total blast. Even walked into the gay bar which no one at all was in, it was called The Ram Rod, too funny.

Anyways that was the first night at the Mykonos resort it was blast, stay tuned for next days.

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The food they had at the resort was sooooo good! And the resident DJ Pete Hanley was awesome! He played some good tunes! He played everything from techno to top 40 to house to hip hop. They had drink specials every night at the resort. Make sure you also check out the nitelife in Mykonos also. Lots of fun! The beach by the resort is also really nice. There are tons of watersports to try out. Although the Aegean was a little cold while I was there. The island is absolutely beautiful and so are the beaches. Make sure to check out Paradise Beach. Lots of fun! Tropicana club is where it's at! Blue nightclub was fun too. They have theme nights at the nightclub every nite. And if you have the extra bucks I recommend you get a room with the sea view and the balcony totally worth it! I definitely recommend Mykonos and the Mykonos Contiki resort. You will have a blast and won't regret it! Oh yeah and another thing the island is not gay! There were lots of straight people there and I only saw one gay bar. Most of the gays tend to go to the island in July and August. Not May, June or Septembe
sylviandavid says:
It looks beautiful.... Nothing like a blue sky with blue water...
Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
Africancrab says:
I was here too, awesome place!
Posted on: Jul 09, 2009
photo by: snobordrchic