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Day 5 of Washington DC Last day


Today is final day of my stay in Washington Dc.

It has been very good. One again get up this morning for a breakfast at Starbucks. I head to the Capital Building and get in the long line to get the tour of inside. After the intense security check I am inside this amazing building. I could go on and on about what was inside, but I will leave that as a secret so you, my fellow readers have a reason to come here. 

I make it to the Grand Train station again and do some shopping in the mall there.

It is my last chance to do some souvenirs of this famous city. I find a shop and buy lots of election stuff including a Shirt that says Obama for President,and some bumper stickers. we know the answer to that one.

I goto drop off my purchases back at the hotel. I am now going to the Holocaust Museum. This is a very educational and emotional place to go. You learn all about the horrors and history of WWII. You see the trials of the Germans who were captured and lied about the whole incident. Overall an amazing experience about history.


I make it abit of a walk across the mall to the National History Museum.

When you walk in there is a huge mammoth here and many displays. This is a huge building with many corridors and levels. It is a huge lesson on the evolution about life and animals. From the history of sea creatures in prehistoric times to modern evolution.

A main highlight in this place is the jewellery area. This is a large gem that many many people are surrounding. I make my way into the crowd to take a photo. After 15 minutes of course. Then I got out of the, in a major retreat.

From this point I make my way to the metro and head up town. I get off and go explore Georgetown. This is the upscale part of the city, many wealthy live here.

This area has many cobble stoned streets and historic homes and buildings.  Quite a good area. I am stopped by a girl on the street who is working for the Obama campaign. She asked if I wanted to sign my support for Obama and I go inside and sign. I noticed several other Canadians have signed her  as well over the past many weeks. I continue on my journey in Georgetown University.

Quite good looking school this is where part of Exorcist was filmed. The courtyard is a nice area as well, many sophmore women are here and its sunny day, so many are baking in the sun, quite nice.

From here is where I end my journey of exploring the city. I returned to the National Mall and did a repeat of some other sites.


Conclude – Overall Washington DC is amazing city. This trip was for history of American stuff. Learned a lot and saw many famous things. I recommend anyone and everyone to visit this amazing city. It has many things to offer regarding history, entertainment, nightlife and culture and outdoors. Book a trip here as soon you can and let me know how your experience was. You won’t be disappointed, my fellow travbuddies.


Day 6 I return home, Fly to Toronto to Thunder Bay. No problems anywhere and border was fine as well, I reflect on this time of the whole trip and what I saw.

Thank you all for reading my travel stories. Look forward to hear back from you on anything you have questions on. cheers
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