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Day 3 of Washington DC Adventure

Get up this morning a little rough from the night before but still living. Skip coffee at breakfast and settle for juice and fruit. Today’s plan of action is to check out the Arlington Cemetery of where former president John F Kennedy is. I venture on the metro again and make it to the Arlington Cemetery. Here I explore the are and climb up the hill to the internal flame where JFK and his wife are buried. Many other people are here including a boy scout group from somewhere. It is very good place to check out as he was an important person in our history. I continue to explore this huge cemetery going up some hills and seeing things and little buildings.

I make it to the area of where “the unknown soldier is buried”.

Quite the sight as there is a guard marching back and forth here 24/7, must get bored.

I continue more walking and finally I leave here and make it onto the metro again. I am going to go and check out the Pentagon a high security place. Walking to the station all I can see is a parking lot and big wall. There is not real tourist lookout spot here for Pentagon as security is high. I Found myself wandering the parking lot with all of these cameras following me and being watched by the Pentagon police going by.

Lots of security booths and police cars going around everywhere here. I guess someone thought I Was as threat or something.

After the Pentagon I feel it is now lunch time. I take the metro to the Pentagon Mall, a shopping mall nearby.

It is very big and has many food court areas to eat. So many places to choose from to eat I decide on a Texas BBQ. I have a BBQ sandwich and soda which looked good, took me about 10 minutes to find an empty seat in the food court. IT was a good sandwich and its good place to come for a simple lunch.

I did some browsing of the shops here as I was looking for election stuff as it was election time for president of between Obama and McCAin. We know who won of course. I did not find anything worth while so I decide to buy another day.

I decide to take the metro and go explore into Virginia state to town of Alexandra for awhile. I get there and walk downtown core for awhile, nice place.

From here I decide it is time for a rest and make it back to hotel VIA metro. In the gift shop of hotel I buy some McCain support buttons and Obama as well and a kitkat chocolate bar.

Once I returned to my room I decide to go and lie by the pool for awhile. But it was not a very quiet area as lots of little kids were running around here, make too much noise. After an hour I decide its not for me and head back to my room.

Now it is time for supper so I head back to the train station and have more Chinese food in the food court there, just a different dish this time. Then I go walking in the Chinatown area of the city. However, I make a wrong turn and end up in the bad area of town, very dodgy. It had all of these boarded up buildings and shady people walking around with hoods over their heads. 2 police cars drive by me with the spot lights shining on the buildings, something was up. I decide I am in a bad place and make it out of there ASAP for safety.

Took it easy this evening, no drinking as last night was big night. I head back to hotel and take it easy rest of the evening.

Tomorrow will be another big day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow.

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