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It was a rich house by Nepali standards. Two levels, the bedrooms were on the lower floor, and the kitchen above so that the smoke wouldn't get stuck inside the bedrooms - pretty smart idea! We had a local rice wine you drink from a metal bowl that was so so strong I could only take a sip!(What's new you say) Dinner was dhal and excellent, as with most Nepalese food.

Apparently there had been a leopard hanging about killing their livestock - I didn't know they had leopards in this part of the world - but in any case when we were woken up in the middle of the night because they suspected the leopard had made an appearance. So we stood at the edge of the house in our p.j.'s shining our torches out and indeed, in the bushes were a pair of shining eyes! I don't know what it was, could have been anything but anyway it was exciting! And then we were turned the torches out because apparently we might have been mistaken for Maoist rebels. We didn't wait a second to find out if this would happen!

While we were up at the house we had a little walk around the rest of the village. Once again we were emersed into a world of extreme poverty. I can't remember whether it was this trip or the one before but I saw a young boy running around with no pants and all the way he was defecating in drops because he had diarrhea. You just didn't know what to do sometimes

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photo by: sharonburgher