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A coaster from Rum Doodles signed by everyone on the trip
Today, we ate breakfast at Moondance Cafe. I ate the Moondance special. After breakfast, we walked around Pokhara until our plane was due to leave Pokhara at about midday. The plane was delayed an hour, this time. After the half-hour flight, we were in Kathmandu again.

Landing in Kathmandu was less scary than landing in Pokhara. When the plane was landing in Pokhara, instead of flying towards the runway, we were flying parallel to it, and towards some mountains. At the last minute, the plane missed the mountains by making an acute turn and glided onto the runway. It didn't help that the runway seemed really short. We opened our eyes when the plane came to a stop, and we were surprised to see that we hadn't charged nose-first into the "Welcome to Pokhara" sign. Like I said earlier, Necon Air isn't for the faint-hearted!

It was dark by the time we reached central Kathmandu. Once again, we trudged along, carrying our oversized backpacks, twisting and turning through the narrow maze-like alleys until finally, we reached the now familiar Hotel Tradition.

We ate dinner at Rum Doodles, a restaurant situated on the rooftop of one of the many buildings in Kathmandu. From the rooftop, we could see the flashing and fading neon sign of 'Hotel Tradition', and the jenga-like silhouette of the city against a cloud of city smog. And in the distance, beyond the pollution and the mist of the mountains, even though it was dark, we could make out the faint shape of the Himalayas. They loomed in the city's backdrop like living wallpaper. We leaned against the rail, absorbing our surroundings until the noise of people dining brought us back to our dinner table.

The entrance of Rum Doodles had a curious metal grating that enclosed the door from the top and bottom, so we had to bend over as well as lift our knees to get over and under the grating at the same time. Dinner was excellent according to my scrapbook, although I can't remember what I ate. Foes made up a concoction of salt, sprite, coke, tomato sauce, gravy and other things for David Allardice (who owns the outdoor adventure company Ultimate Descents) to drink. David downed it just to prove he was a man! But I don't think his stomach liked him very much the next day.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel. In my scrapbook, I wrote: "Foes and Scott proceeded to attempt to set their bathroom on fire ... I heard the booming and witnessed the metal cupboard melting." Boys will be boys. Rest assured Hotel Tradition didn't burn down!
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A coaster from Rum Doodles signed …
A coaster from Rum Doodles signed…
photo by: sharonburgher