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View of Kathmandu from Monkey Temple
I didn't realise how many details I'd forgotten about this trip until I picked up a scrapbook that I wrote six years ago. I will be pulling details out of my scrapbook to write this blog.

Lucky you, because you will be reading this on your computer screen. I, however, am trying to decipher my handwriting, and I'm almost certain I'm going to become long-sighted in a matter of hours.

Anyway, this is the tale of my 10-day trip to Nepal that was organised by my school.

We arrived in Nepal in the dead of the night. The bus we took from the airport to our hotel was cold, clammy to touch, and so frail that we thought it might fall apart. I wiped my palm over the fogged glass, and even though it was dark, I could see the faint silhouette of mountains against an indigo sky.

At six o'clock the next morning Kathmandu awoke; and very vehicle, person and animal in the city made for damned sure we were awake! We ate breakfast on the rooftop of Hotel Tradition, and looked down at the city that sprawled around us like a fan.

We weren't prepared for the miserable circumstances we were about to experience. And we weren't prepared for the unforgettable moments we were about to share. I've travelled a lot, but to this day, no place has touched me in the way Nepal did.


Chelsea says:
In all honesty I can't remember! I think it might have been five days hiking. Maybe.
Posted on: Apr 04, 2011
kikomanzoni says:
thanks a lot for sharing this, so, you did 3 days hiking, 3 days rafting? is that correct? it sounds like a really good plan! :)
Posted on: Apr 03, 2011
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View of Kathmandu from Monkey Temp…
View of Kathmandu from Monkey Tem…
A large pothole
A large pothole
photo by: sharonburgher