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The Pan Pacific Hotel @ Whistler Village.

After our grueling ordeal at Lake Garabaldi, we are wet and dirty, still shaking from exhaustion and excitement.  Although the sun came out to thaw the remnants of the rain and cold, it got to us deep within our bones, so a unanimous vote for a nap resolves and we head back to the FROC.  I ask how long a "nap" would take.  Are we going to be taking a "nap" or a "power nap?"  For myself, a power nap takes 45 minutes and a nap can take 2-3 hours.  Katherine assures me that her power nap can take 20 minutes hahahaha, so we opt for a real nap.

Now that the afternoon has really opened up, we can see the sky and all the peaks in the surrounding area along Highway 99 (Sea to Sky).  The trees come alive in the bright light, as do the snow glimmering on top of all the mountains.

After dinner we took a quick stroll through Whistler Village.
  We are cruising at a good clip until we fall behind a dump truck, and then it is 60 kph all the way back, which is nice since we get to chatting and ejoying the view more.  We even get to see two black bears with two cubs on the side of the highway.  Many cars had pulled over to take pictures along the side of the road, only 100 meters from the bears, but they do not seem interested in coming closer to the road.  Their mother keeps them rolling around and playing at a safe distance, heading back into the trees.  "Kelly" cannot contain herself at this point and squeals incessantly.  "We" promise not to tell anyone hahaha.

After our nap, we get dressed and take a small adventure down at the Whistler Village.  We need more groceries anyhoo and the village is on our list of things to do.

After dinner we took a quick stroll through Whistler Village.
  I have not been to a ski village in over a decade.  The bottom half of the ski lifts is open to bikers, and a giant downhill course is in full swing.  Bikers of all shapes, sizes and ages are tearing down the trails.  They ARE much bigger up close, hahaha, and they are much more dirty than they look from afar.  They look like weekend warriors from Mad Maxx.  Full football style pads, padded like military super soldiers from the future, HALO style helmets, and $4000 bikes hahahah.  And i thought that skiing was expensive ^^.

Katherine assures us that we should try the local ice cream, from a place of prevalence, called simply:  COW.  No surprises as we pull up and there are 5 or 6 kids climbing and crawling all over the life-size cow in front of the quiant store.  (http://www.cows.ca/)  Not only do they carry an extensive assortment of Copyright infringing merchandicing involving cows, but they also boast some of the best original homemade ice cream flavors, such as Moo Crunch, Wowie Cowie, Moo York Cheesecake, and Gooey Mooey.  I go for a double scoop of the Wowie Cowie and the Cowcrispy Crunch in a cup (a cap?! i know, im conservative hahahaha!).  The Cowcrispy has a Canadian version of a butterfinger crushed into the caramelized ice cream...a bit sweet for my taste, but decadent by any definition.  The Wowie Cowie is actually really good, although i have no idea what is in it.

I manage to find some Maple shaped maple candy in a trinket shop.  They remind me of the friend i made while sitting on my flight to Japan last year, so i grab a bag for her.  Seemed like as good a gift as any for an anniversary with a distant aquaintance ^^.  She had given me a small maple candy, which i initially declined because i knew that i didnt like maple flavor, but for the life of me at that moment, i could remember why hahahaha!  So i took her offer and popped the damn thing into my mouth, only to realize why i didnt like it ^^.  We humans are a strange bunch arent we ^^?  Or is it just me (T_T ;)

With our tourist shopping of souvenirs done and ice cream in hand, we head back to the car happy as can be, until we pass a live band playing in the frosty evening light.  Its loud, and its cold, and there are hundreds of people in front of the hotel rocking out with the band.  Kelly and i pass by, until we noticed that Katherine is nowhere to be seen.  We stop by at a hotdog stand next to the Pan Pacific Hotel, and pop, out comes Katherine grinning and skipping from the crowd.  "Live outdoor music and dancing are a inherent part of the BC experiance," she says in between her smile.  Hahahaaha!  Cant take her anywhere hahahaha!

PrissyT says:
ahhh...yes, do it next time!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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The Pan Pacific Hotel @ Whistler V…
The Pan Pacific Hotel @ Whistler …
After dinner we took a quick strol…
After dinner we took a quick stro…
After dinner we took a quick strol…
After dinner we took a quick stro…
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