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The night before finally catches up to us, and sends us on a first class flight to Never Neverland.

Not that we had a lot of time to sleep, but after packing and cleaning up for the night, we only had less than three hours to sop up some wink winks before we had to be up and off to the airport.  An alarm at 1:45 interupts that, and somehow i cannot get back to the passed out state i was in only an hour before.  That night (or morning rather) was quite restless for me.  Too tired to sleep really, and the anticipation of returning home kept me wired and flipping like a pancake until the real wakey wakey time.

Despite random and rude encounters with the customs officers, we manage to get thru with 45 minutes to spare, which affords time to peruse and shop for fragrances (Issey Miyake is someone's favorite ^^), take more pictures with a bear, a moose, and some drunk but smiley wooden chefs hahahaha!  We are pratically the last onto the plane, and within five minutes everyone is asleep.

The few & the Proud makes it safe and sound back to California...and straight to why are we smiling?!
  So i too, close my eyes and try to recollect all that has transpired for the past awesome week: 

Meeting new and facinating strangers at a Starbucks.  Basking underneath a waterfall of pure morning mist.  Tracing the footsteps of Whiskey Jacks and snowshoes over the meadows of Squamish.  Stuffing our faces with steaming and spicy homemade noodles and soup.  Pushing through the rain to three lakes held by an eroding barrier of rock and rainbows.  Drinking fresh and clear glacial snow runoff from a rocky mountain stream.  Listening to the voice of reason (aka Dave, my hero) and NOT jumping naked into a freezing lake, during a rain storm, with a soupy heavy mist, and a slight case of hypothermia setting in...hahahahaha!  Taking an afternoon nap after a blazing hot shower.  Eating ice cream at the ever famous Cow.  Listening to the serenade of stars and guitars in the hostel lounge after dinner.  Traversing the musical peaks of Whistler on a crispy morning.  Being blessed by spiritual awakenings and epiphonies.  Finding the love of your life walking along the trail, forever waiting for 6:30pm.  Donning and peeling off layers every 5-10 minutes as we played weather roulette:  cold, misty, clear, misty, hail, misty, sunny, snow, misty, snow STORM, sunny, mistly, clear, crispy, cold, clear, hot, and finally cold to the bones again with the setting sun.  Cruise the Sky to Sea to the Victoria ferries to piano love.  Fight away the hungers of yesterday with lobster penne alfredo and a New York steak.  Embark on a holy quest for a lost 7-11 and milk and maple treats.  Stand among queens at parliament.  Walk though the mirrored face of a dark and lonesome castle.  Wait with the patience of kings for a hamburger and onion rings.  Search for divine pets on the front lawn of a mutant Castle.  Walk through a wonderland of very special flowers, the kind that could talk to you for a world of your own.  Eating sausages with relish and chutney to pass the time.  Looking for love in the sunset of an island hop ferry.  Getting lost, again, with three intellegent people and one unintelligible map (or was it the other way around?).  A reunification of true hearts and minds.  A late night treasure trove of stir fried offal, sliced pig ears, spicy noodles, fish hot pot, sweet buns and fruity ginger tea...

...and once again back to my uncomfortable seat on a United flight back to reality.  Home sweet home is sweet, but not as sweet as the bitter sweet of having lived a thousand and one nights among the stars and sky, and once again falling from grace to find humanity in all its one's desk on a tuesday morning.  It really was a tuesday after all.

I shall end by offering a few words of plagerism, since someone else has already stumbled onto a better way of saying, "Thank you for taking the time to share with me, my adventures of a frivolous week of dancing and delight.  I hope that you have enjoyed my story as much as i have enjoyed telling it.  If you should have any questions or concerns, you may direct your slings and arrows to yours truely.  I will be happy to correct or clarify any misstatements i have made.  Although i assure you that all i have told of, is indeed true, if you would only lend your ears to the words of a gentleman." - BiG M


"If we shadows have offended, Think but this and all is mended, That you have but slumbered here, While these visions did appear.  And this weak and idle theme, No more yeilding than a dream...Gentles do not reprehend, If you pardon we will mend, and As i am an honest Puck, If we have unearned luck, Now to 'scape the serpents's tongue, We will make amends ere long...Else the Puck a liar call, So goodnight unto you all.  Give me your hands if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends." - Shakespeare

PrissyT says:
ahhh...the memories!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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The night before finally catches u…
The night before finally catches …
The few & the Proud makes it safe …
The few & the Proud makes it safe…