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2008.08.27 Wednesday

5:40pm - Once again, our elustrious hero makes another harrowing escape.  T-minus four hours and he makes a breaking velocity, points his nose to the heavens, circumnavigates the first few planets...second star to the right, and on til morning.  Last trip to Palm Springs for Coachella, i made my flight with 5 minutes to spare before boarding.  This time, my paranoia and prudence brings me 2 hours ahead of schedule to my gate.  Nothing to do but write.  Wait and write.

This trip will be different.  One of the first (of many more to come...i hope) trips with companions.  Partners in crime.  Compadres for the long dusty trail.  The night sky widening...ive practiced my footsteps for months now, envisioning the trees, the air, the sky, practiced walking, jogging, running, crawling, practiced jumping, talking, laughing, screaming.  Auditions are over.  It is now showtime.  Everything has been mapped out, scheduled, scheduled and rescheduled.  Reservations made.  Hospitality called ahead.  Anticipation and butterflies settle into my canopy and my limbs, shivering, tingling.  Im already high and i havent yet left the ground.  Cloud 8...only one more cloud to go.

Who'da thunk that Canada would be a domestic flight.  Are we really that close?!  Is mexico domestic?  Is Canada domesticated?  Am i?  Hahahah!  Sfunny when you travel, every destination is a wonderland of delight, each more unique and fantastic than the last...yet all airports look the same when ur waiting hahahah!  Home sweet home?

Forecast predicts rain.  Quite appropriate for me really.  Everywhere i go it rains.  No longer.  I predict pain, for the rain.  I pity the foo!  I can already see clearly now the rain is gone.  Nothing but sunshine and smiles from where i stand.  Crispy.  Fuzzy.  Warm...but perhaps i hmay have over prepared.  My legs still ache, a dull stiffness in the caps, in my calves, in my bones.  Nothing like adventure and danger to awaken the heart of the wild.  Another metamorphosis.  What will i be, when i land this time?  What dream can i sell this time?  What dream can i buy?

My trappings have much improved.  Instead of Teva's, i have North Face trail runners.  Didnt want to break in a full new pair of hiking boots.  Dont think i'll be doing any actual running while im out there but who knows, there very well could be bears...hahahah!  Cotton thermal top & bottom has been traded for Helly Hansen DRY skin layers.  cotton green cargo pants for ripoff shorts/pants, moisture resistent pants.  Cotton fingerless gloves for 3 pairs of 1) runners, 2)liner 3)full shell All Weather...bit of overkill really, forgot to put #2 and #3 back on the shelf hahaha!  Socks...before they were two doubled up pairs of Nike ankle highs.  Now we have medium weight calf high wool.  A tight fit into the trail runners...we'll see how they fair after the first day...although these girls will be the death of me hahahah!  Same cotton beanie though, with the extra long dangling fuzzy balls...but green, my favorite.  Same pack, red Osprey.  Oh yes, a 3.0 litre Platapus bag, much of an improvement over the Nalgene, which i left behind on Mt Fuji ahha!  And of course the same me.  Well..maybe not.  I might have said the same body, but i am now above and beyond where i was a year ago.  i'd eat Fuji for breakfast...ummm, bacon and eggs...hahahah!  I might hae said the same mind, but this mind has grown by leaps and bounds.  Attracting mass, going supernova, one galaxy at a time.  The same heart and soul?  Well yes.  That has very much stayed the same.  I still cry at feel-good and inspirational movies.  I still crave a warm body to cuddle and curl up with at night.  I still seek eyes, creamy sparkling eyes to melt into and fall, fall forever into...and lose my breath, and my time, and my mind, and my being into...i wonder what her throat would taste like...

6:50pm - Who'da thunk it?  Tasty treats and special favors have already started to shower down onto BiG.  I went for the Lamb & BZeef Meatloaf, with potatoes fried and lathered in greasy onions, and a side salad.  Normally these would be scant helpings of modest airport fare, but they were closing and the crazy lady behind the counter thought that i was pinoy, so i get a half loaf of the meatloaf, and a honkin salad with the fixins.  The guy behind me wanted the meatloaf too, as he marvelled at the portions on my plate.  "Just por you ok hunny, because we are closing."  Meh, ill take it.  The meatloaf was actually soft and fuzzy, crumbling apart on my tongue and pallette.  The scent of tarragon and rosemary strong to the wind.  The really is way too much food.  i had only wanted some rice to sit in my stomach.  Hiking on a full stomach is NO BUENO!  Still, cant insult my hospitality hahah!

As i eat, im imagining how horrible im going to feel tomorrow, as bite after bite goes into the mouth, and all i can feel is how good it feels now, rolling lamb meatloaf on my tongue.  Licking my lips.  And i havent even gotten onto my plane yet.  Life is good again.  A Blueberry B Odwalla is not exactly the best accompaniment for rich and oily food, its cold and tart, and sharp, slightly sweet, but finishes high and tart.  The oily meat extends the blueberry.  The blueberry extends the herbs.  And my stomach feels like i just drank a tub of Crisco hahahah!

The tomatoes from the salad help alot.  Cold, dry, they are not yet fully ripe.  They help to soak and sooth the mouth.  A cucumber slice neatly washes everything away...and again the herbs assault the senses.

Between the crunchiness of the cucumber, onions, tomatoes and the saltiness of the kalamala olives, and the rich, soft, silkiness of the meatloaf, my mouth feels like its being tossed around on a gustatory trapeez...man i wish i had some wine right now hahahah!  When you drink...drink deep!

7:20pm - Jebus!  Dinner really killed me.  I actually think i might sleep during this flight.  As i close my eyes, lay my head back, i might just head on to Nenver Neverland...lord knows what tomorrow will bring, and today isnt even over yet.  [Bonus!]

I spy with my little eye, black Converse Allstar Chuck Taylors...Yellow bosoms...and Yellow Bosom's mother hahahah!  They [United] are asking for two people to give up their seats for a flight tomorrow, $600 flight, hotel accomidations, first class...no takers today.  I spy...old friends reunited.  Old people.  Galloping laughter.  A Nikon case.  Twp pre-fab fallafels.  Andddddd...the blood just rushed to my stomach hahaaha!  Woozy all of the sudden.  The sound of turbines in takeoff serenade the sporatic chirping of cell phones.  Baby in a green chirt.  Rasputin shopping bag.  And another flight flies the cockoo's nest.  (aside:  why is it counter people in the com are always annoying...hahahah!)

Bon Voyage Charlie Brown.  Kiss the sky!

PrissyT says:
good thing you got on! I missed a flight one time by 5 minutes because of security!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2008
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