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Dinner at the Central Market in Marrakesh.

We finally managed to catch a flight on time and together, with good passports!

Marrakesh is a crazy city.  After catching a taxi to a street close to our hotel, in the medina, the driver told us a boy would direct us to our hotel, which was 100m away, for about 3 dirhams (NZD 0.50).  Of course, the boys took us around in circles, until we complained, then surprisingly our hotel was just around the corner... they wanted 100 dirhams, but we managed to eventually get them to go away for 10 dirhams.  Oh the hassle!!  Being able to speak French is a definite advantage - as is pretending not to speak English or French!

Otherwise, the city was a very busy place.  Tiny shops line the footpaths, along with bikes, customers, beggars, food stands, and everything you can imagine.  We really had to walk along the road, as there was no room left for people!  We almost got run over by motorbikes riding any direction anywhere, several times.  It was chaos!  But we had a good time, even getting lost for half a day!  The food in the main square was very cheap and good, though we ran a mile from the snake charmers and henna tattoists. 

lucecitanizama says:
Hi! im going to Moroco! and i really need advice! im landing in Marrakesh as well and i dont know if i should book everything before or just go and book it there as maybe is cheaper and in the Moroccan coin, nd i can ask for less price haha, The same with the i was looking on internet and the one i saw are expensive. I was planning to take a tour that can guide me to all the main cities and the sahara with the camels..but maybe is possible and cheaper to do it by myself. Is it very dangerous? do u know a tourist agency good but cheap? thanks!!!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
parents says:
hi to you both, wondering how things are going, interested to hear which way you went Campbell from Milan to Fie. It appears you made up time there. Have a neat time. xoxo Mum Mary Dad/Jim What an exciting unknown area you are now entering.
Posted on: Feb 28, 2007
Nits says:
How are the travels going? How as Iceman - any resemblance to Ice Man in Top Gun?
Posted on: Feb 27, 2007
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Dinner at the Central Market in Ma…
Dinner at the Central Market in M…
Crazy streets in Marrakesh
Crazy streets in Marrakesh
photo by: sweetet