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Khao San Road. Photo is actually from my last night in Thailand on August 4, I was still at the train station at dusk on July 26.
Dark-time, Guest house sleeping cubicle near Khao San Road

    Wow.  Sensory overload here.  The cubicle of my room is comforting--protecting from the chaos.  The plane ride from Taipei to Bangkok was good--Good lunch!  They served Shiitake gravy over a potato patty, pickled salad, sliced white dragonfruit, and tapioco with mango!

    Bangkok--what a mind fuck!  I took a taxi from the airport to An Nut.  I was trying to get to the An Nut Skytrain BTS Station to meet up with my friend Adam, but my driver only understood that I wanted to get to the An Nut area, so once we got to the area he was urging me to call my hotel, or figure out where I was going.
Khao San Road. Photo is actually from my last night in Thailand on August 4. Khao San was WAY more crowded than this on my first night!

    I kept saying BTS, Skytrain, Station, Train station, but nothing worked.  I finally busted out my phrase book and looked up the words for 'sky' and 'train', which was pretty close to the word for skytrain.  Then he knew right where to take me and we had a good laugh.  Coincidentally, this was the only time I actually needed my phrase book during the whole trip.

    Once I got to An Nut Station,  I found a pay phone (as Adam had instructed) and tried to use a 10 Baht coin to call him.  The phone was quite an adventure.  At first, it didn't like the particular 10 Baht coin that I gave it.  I tried all three payphones, none of which would take the coin.  I finally went to the counter to get more coins, which the machine liked better.
Lobby of the Guest House where I stayed near Khao San Road. It probably looked this blurry to me when I arrived there. Quiet, behind the temple, out of the way.

    There was a strange procedure to use the phone, and it kept not working to reach Adam.  I finally tried my cell phone, and got the same response.  I must have the wrong number!  He had luckily thought to give me his friend's phone number, just in case I couldn't reach him. 

    This number worked, and happily, Peter told me that Adam was asleep on Peter's couch, and to call the house phone number, which he gave me.  I was able to reach Adam, and then spent the next 45 minutes or so people watching at a bustling Bangkok station. 

    I wish I had a tape recorder for all the conversations with Adam.  We haven't seen each other in awhile, and he isn't around fluent English speakers very often, so there was a lot to talk about tonight.  We've always had fulfilling conversations.   I could already start to flesh out a novel about some of this stuff. 

    There have been so many little details I don't want to forget, but I'm getting so much information that I do forget a lot!  I have a headache, so I think I will sleep soon--more time to write on the bus or something tomorrow.  I forgot how intense Adam can be.  Nice to be around, but I feel tired.  Adam went out to check out the clubs for awhile, so I will pass out now. 

    Oh, I want to remember that I keep seeing signs for Daikin here.  We use Daikin brand compressors for our antennas at work!  Funny.
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Khao San Road.  Photo is actually …
Khao San Road. Photo is actually…
Khao San Road.  Photo is actually …
Khao San Road. Photo is actually…
Lobby of the Guest House where I s…
Lobby of the Guest House where I …
photo by: Deats