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Dwelling behind the grounds of the hotel.
12 noon, Taoyuen Airport

The name of the restaurant that Naomi picked escapes my memory, but the menu had pictures of everything, so I could point to what I wanted, even though I had no clue what was inside the dumpling.  We got many kinds to share at the table.  The crab-garlic ones were flat and rectangular, and so soft, unlike the shrimp-garlic, which were similar to those I have had before when Wayne brought them home from San Fran.  There was one kind which had only vegetable.  It was similar to spinach.  We had soup with a type of squash or eggplant.  Fried rice, fried noodles, and as much tea as we could drink!  I do love my tea.  The dessert was an almond tofu thing.  It was like almond flavoured silk-style tofu drenched in almond milk.  Chinese flan?  Yum.

    Several of us went to a bar afterward that was specializing in Belgian beers.  It was full, so we went to a different Belgian Beer bar around the corner.  What?  Yeah.  Around the corner.  Apparently Belgian Bier is quite popular.  One of the girls and I split two different beers so we could try both.  They were around 8% alcohol and very tasty, as Belgian Bier tends to be.

    For breakfast this morning, my hotel and a complimentary buffet.  I was happy to see a pile of lychee, something from home.  I tried two different Chinese Breakfast rolls.  One was more salty, while the other was sweet.  The eggs were steamed or something into a silky tofu texture.  It was like a salty, buttery flan.  I guess I'm comparing lots of things to flan! :)  Shout out to Shelbi and Zach.  A flan.

    Nobody seems to wear sun glasses here, which is interesting.  My cab driver honked the horn a lot if we were about to pass someone, just so they would know we were there.  Traffic is different.  People just go and don't really give a shit!  I love all the colours and textures of signs and buildings.  Gas stations look like rainbows here.
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Dwelling behind the grounds of the…
Dwelling behind the grounds of th…
photo by: Deats