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View from my hotel room at Howard International House.

   I just arrived at Howard International House, Taipei.  I've already tripped over the ledge that goes into the bathroom of my hotel room 3 times!  Poor toes.  I'm pretty tired, but will try to wander over to Acadamia Sinica Institute for Astronomy and Astrophyisics (ASIAA) soon to see about dinner plans, then come back for a nap, or try to go to Longshan Temple.
    Service on China Airlines was great--didn't even need my snacks!  They served me basmati rice and Indian-style chic peas and green peas in sauce. 
    The 'ghetto condos', as I've been calling them, just outside the city are unique like nothing I've seen--small, barred lanai's give impressions of plant and hanging laundry prison cells.
Academia Sinica Building. The Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics was up on the 7th floor, I think.
  Everyone seems to ride scooters; those little moped things?  The streets are totally lined with them.  When I first walked outside looking for ASIAA, I thought I must be in front of a moped store or a rental shop, but after wandering around, I realized all the streets look this way!  This city is kind of smoggy and stinky.  The area truly reminds me of inland Southern California, except with a few more trees--it is more humid also.  The temp was in the 90's here today!

    Stopped over to ASIAA just in time for tea, and met Naomi's summer students who will join us for dinner.  They have an afternoon tea each day, where everyone comes out to socialize, take coffee or tea, and any treats that are out on the table.  It was nice to see some of my visiting observers who I have worked with before.
View from my hotel room at Howard International House, showing some of the apartments nearby.

    Taipei makes me hink of my elementary school friend Lena Tsai, who moved to Taiwan when we were children.  I wonder where she is?

(As an aside, after my return from this trip, I had a facebook message and a friend request sitting in my inbox from Lena , who I hadn't talked to or heard from in 15 years.  Coincidence?)


    I love how different everything feels here!  What is it, though, with difficulty finding drinking water in the middle of the night?  I am consistantly plagued with this wherever I go.  Cities are weird like that.
    Mom and dad will be so jealous of the dim sum!  OH it was good!!  I also need to remember to write an e-mail to Pei-Ying to thank her for the large container of Oolong Tea.  Excellent.  Discovering Satoki's azuki bean hatred was definitely a good entertainment tonight.  Okay, I have been up more than 24 hours.  Time to sleep!

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View from my hotel room at Howard …
View from my hotel room at Howard…
Academia Sinica Building.  The Ins…
Academia Sinica Building. The In…
View from my hotel room at Howard …
View from my hotel room at Howard…
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