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The Nidaros Cathedral





Meeting Travbuddy Milan from Nepal in my hometown Trondheim.




May 06, 2008 Milan signed up as a member of Travbuddy, using the name “realnepal”.


At the same time he listed Trondheim as one of his future travel destination.


I had a message on my updates that he was coming to Trondheim.



I wrote on his profile May 08;


Hope you will enjoy Travbuddy, would love to meet you when you visit Trondheim



Milan send me a message me May 08;


As he sent me a private message I will just write some parts of his answer.

Milan in front of Trondheim Court House



I live in Kathmandu, Nepal and work as an environmentalist. I am going to Norway for training during Aug 30 - 19 Sep, 2008. In the same time, I want to visit some other parts of Europe.

J ………………J………J………………….

This is my first visit to Europe. Before this, I have been only in India and China, my neighbouring countries.

If I could find some one to travel together or meeting in person, this will be great !

See you in next mail.

Looking forward to hear from you

Greetings Milan




May 08 I answered him;


I live in Trondheim and would like to meet you, and if I have some day off I can guide you in Trondheim. Keep me posted when you know when you will be in Trondheim.





May 09 message from Milan;



I am very glad to hear from you.

In the main squere
My training is on hydropower and environment. The training has been organized by International Centre for Hydropower (ICH).

This is my first visit to Europe, so I am excited and also some how scary.

Do you know about Nepal ? Nepal is a small country between India and China.
Thank you very much for accepting me as a friend.

Se you in next mail.




We were messaging each other during the summer and all of a sudden we were in the end of August.




Aug 31





How are you ?

I just arrived in Trondheim this evening. Hope to hear from you.........


Greetings Milan

Hotel Scandic

Solsiden  (in English " The Sunny side of the Trondheim)







I can meet up with you to day.

Royal Palace
See you are living at Hotel Scandic Solsiden just a few minutes walk from my home.
I can meet you in the lobby at 4 PM.



September 01;




Thank you very much for your reply. Just this morning, I got schedule of the training (I think ICH wants to keep the participants busy). I will be free only after 19.30 and then, I will have dinner. It may takes about 30 minutes for dinner. Then, I can meet you at 20.00 in Hotel lobby, if this time is ok for you.

Here is much sunlight even till 22.00 (also interesting for me to late evening sunlight outside). So, I think late evening is ok for me. Please just reply this message, if we can meet this evening.

I am wearing typical Nepali (colourful cap). So, you can easily recognize me (also photos of my profile may help you).






Ok I`ll be in the lobby at 20.30. You don’t have to hurry with your dinner. I can sit and wait for you, if your dinner takes some time.
I think you will recognise me.

The park beside the Royal Palace




At 16.55  my cell phone rang, I didn`t recognise the number, but I saw it was from a Norwegian cell phone.  I heard a voice in English.  I was a bit confused so I asked is it you Milan?



He told me he had the afternoon free and asked me if I had time to meet him earlier than planned.  I was out walking in the nice weather so I answered I could be at his hotel 15 minutes later.



I went to the hotel and as soon I saw him I know it was him.  He was wearing hid Nepali colourful cap, but I think I would have recognized him without it.



It was so nice to meet him, we went the short way to my place just 2 minutes from the hotel to get my car.



I drove to the main square, parked my car and we walked to The Nidaros Cathedral.  This is a must see when you are in Trondheim.  Unfortunately the Cathedral was closed because of the late hour so he could not visit it. 



But he will stay in Trondheim for some time so I`m sure he will be able to.

We had a short walk in one of the old towns in Trondheim.



I had to show him the Royal Recidence here in Trondheim and took a picture of him on the stairs.



Milan wanted to see the seaside so we drove a few minutes, but unfortunately the road I wanted to drive was closed.  I promised him I`ll drive him to the seaside some other day.



Milan had his dinner time at 19.30 so we drove back to his hotel.  The weather is nice, the sun is shining and we had time for a cup of coffee before he had to be back at the hotel.



We sat down by the channel with our coffee.  Milan was fascinated by the light and the sun at this time of the evening.



Time runs fast so we decided to meet again on Wednesday.



Hope to have a boat tour so I can show him The Monk Island during his stay here.





I`ll bee back with more of our meet up later, and perhaps we will be one Travbuddy more on Saturday.

Having a cup of coffee, time is 19.20




Ben “smeeb 2000”  tells me he is coming to Trondheim Saturday.




Time is 23.45 and I just had a message from "Journey",  "dieforu" Mehmet is arriving Trondheim tomorrow, wow. 


Ok I have to reschedule; have to meet mehmet at the train station tomorrow at 14.47.



It is nice being a Travbuddy living in Trondheim.  Visitors from Nepal, Greece and Israel at the same time.  Wooooooooow.





dieforu says:
ur totally great Marit!!thanks (takk) again for everything:-)
Posted on: Sep 11, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Yes isn`t it in a small town as Trondheim
Posted on: Sep 04, 2008
glennisnz says:
How amazing that you would have three different trav buddy members call through your town at the same time.
I hope all the meetings went as well as real Nepals did.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2008
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The Nidaros Cathedral
The Nidaros Cathedral
Milan in front of Trondheim Court …
Milan in front of Trondheim Court…
In the main squere
In the main squere
Royal Palace
Royal Palace
The park beside the Royal Palace
The park beside the Royal Palace
We had a short walk in one of the …
We had a short walk in one of the…
Having a cup of coffee, time is 19…
Having a cup of coffee, time is 1…
Solsiden - The Sunny side of Trond…
Solsiden - The Sunny side of Tron…
Hotel Scandic Solsiden, Milans hot…
Hotel Scandic Solsiden, Milans ho…
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