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So, the national food here is meat. Well, being of a nature that I do enjoy the occasional steak, I decide to pursue this matter further.
After walking tot he docklands (Or Dique 4 as it´s called here. Not sure if it´s pronounces Dick or Dyke.) we got o the local information booth. We say we want steak, she send us to "Las Lilas".
If there wer a church to steak, Las Lilas would be the Vatican grand chapel.
The steak I selected was 65 Pesos, about $30AUS. very cheap for a steak of this quality and size.
We enter and everyone can speak english very well. We try to use our spanish, but it just gets in the way. They come out with some gespatchio soup and an antipasto plate comprising of smoked salmon, boccocinni, roast tomatos, some eggplant stuff, and various other pastes.
The bread waiter comes around offering us a selection of breads as accompaniments. We choose by pointing and nodding.
This method also works for the cab sav we select from the 300 page wine list (!)
The steak comes out. I do a double take. It´s freaking huge. It is the length of my arm, and of a similiar shape. Where my fist would be is a large round medallion of beef the size of my open hand. It looks like a rib eye fillet that has more bone on it than usual. The steak is cooked a nice meduim rare with a grilled crust. They serve it with garlic chips and roasted vegetables. They also include a sauce that seems to be made form chilli oil, rosemary, arlic and various other spices. It goes really well.
I eat this thing and I know can almost hear it saying that I´ll never finish, i get worried that it might be right, but after a few more glasses of red I remember that I am Joshua Eddy, and am no longer worried The Steak is no more, and I vaguely consider picking up the bone and chewing on it like a loyal doberman. The sight of all the white linnen and more forks than the average man needs in a week however make me reconsider this decision and I let it go. I´m full to the brim anyway.
We did some other stuff that day, but none of it as important as this. That steak will remain in my memory (and likely my gullet) for some time to come.
I think I finally "get" Argentina.

We also meet the rest of our tour group. They consist of 5 brits two other aussies, two danes, a columbian man and a slovakian woman, along with our guide, Raoul. Everyone is fairly reserved so far, but we´ll see how long that lasts after a few tequila shots.
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