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I haven't updated this blog in a long time.  Not much exciting was going on as I was just working in Melbourne.  BUT, about a month ago I decided it was time to pack up and travel again.  I purchased a rail pass to discover more of Australia.

First stop: Adelaide.  My train was due to depart at 7 am and I had to get there about 6:30 just to be sure.  I had this AMAZING idea that I should spend my last night in Melbourne (last night for a while at least) just partying until my train was due to depart.  Well, things were going great!  I got back to my friend TJ's place who was going to drive me to the airport.  I had a shower and got all my stuff packed up.  TJ had already passed out on the couch and I thought it was harmless for me to close my eyes for 2 mins as I had given myself plenty of time.  You can painfully see where this is going.

I awake at 7:30 the EXACT time my train was due to depart.  SHIT!  I start hopping around trying to get TJ ready to drive me.  He was confused as to what was going on.  How damn stupid of me.  We race to the train station, I run to where the trains are hoping to see my train - nothing.  I head to where I bought my ticket.  "Yeah, the train is gone" explain the ticket guy who didn't seem to mind that I was all over the place.  "Check next door...you may be able to go with V-Line"

I jump to the queue next door and they explain that my pass isn't valid with them but I can catch a bus for $40: done!

So, the bus arrived about the same time as the train, the seats were nice (which was great to finally get some sleep) and I got to experience Aussie roadside culture.  For example, did you know that just about every roadside eatery serves: chips, fried chicken, schnizel, and Dim Sum (why Dim Sum??).

I arrived in Adelaide safe and happy and met up with a nice dude to show me around (it seems that the locals don't know much about their own area some time) and had a great time.  Next stop: Alice.

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photo by: shirlan