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As you may have already gussed, this post is about work.  A week and a half ago, I decided (well, by bank account funds did) that it was time to start finding work.  So, with the always handy 'internet' I decided to go a mega search for PHP/MySQL jobs.  I told myself that I'd try other lines of work while I am here, and I am sure I will, but honestly programming:

  • Pays Well
  • 9-5 M/F just like everyone else, so I am not missing out on the fun times
  • Is really CAN be a fun

So, after plugging away, sorting and blasting away applications, the next day I receive a phone call and an email (did I mention I love the internet).  Gathering myself, I make a couple of calls and setup interview for the next day and day after.  Stupidly, I never brought with me any good work clothes (why?  I am not sure, I guess I thought I'd become a carpenter or something).  So, off to get cheap/not so uggo clothes. 

The next day brings the first interview out in the sticks.  It took me 1:15 to get out there, but it was a nice quiet little area, much like my hometown.  The people were real friendly and very professional - so many times you see web firms with broken lava lamps and hideous 1970 style sofas.  I thoght it went pretty well.  There was only 1-2 time where I thought "oh god, what am I saying?  I have no idea what I am rambling on about...they must have no clue".  But, overall, it went well.

The next day I head out to Hawthorn which is quite a bit closer.  I find the place (apparently 1st floor means 2nd floor here?) and sit in an empty room.  There is a buzzer to get someone's attention, I think so at least.  It's right next to the security alarm, so I don't really want to press it.  I listen to the lady on the phone.  Honestly, she said "No Worries" 62 times to the poor sap who she was taking to.  She comes out and asks me if I want any water while I am waiting.  I say "yes" as I always so (I think that's good) and await my interviewers.  Finally, they come, we have a little chat.  Now, this company is some sort of wealth management company and they wanted some sort of application to do with stock marketing trading.  I'd be 3rd down the programming list, so I would have to answer to, hmm, way too many people.  I leave thinking "no way I want that one". 

A few days go by when I realize that I had forgotten to give my references to Job #1 (if any of my references are reading this, thank you!).  I quickly blast it off.  This was a friday, an awesome friday because I wad heading to Scissor Sisters (I'll write about that later) and I check my phone - I had missed a call from job #1.  Being a wimp, I put off calling until my friends just about smack me to get it over with.  SOOO, she offered my the job (the 1st job...far away, but nicer people and better work). 

This was just over a week ago and I got an e-mail in my inbox this morning from Job #2 - they offered my the job.  I don't want that one, but it's always nice to feel wanted.

This post is getting hella long, and my lunch break is over (I get an hour here, I am not used to that), so I should get back to work.


Jimzip says:
Wow. That was a big post..
You're forgiven because you said 'uggo' though.. Haha.
Good to hear you've found a source of income!! I can't say the same yet! But yeah sounds like you're having fun.
Now get back to work!

Posted on: Feb 22, 2007
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