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This morning I noticed something strange - well, a few things strange.  My weekdays had set into an odd routine which is like a 'repeat' button on an old CD player.

6:15: Wake up

6:37: Done Shower.  Make breakfest: Vegemite on toast with protein shake.

7:03: Walk to the tram

7:17: Tram arrives 2 mintues late (which I guess is on time if it arrives at that time every single day).  We pass the woman with a goatee.  Yes, a goatee.  Not even a small bit of facial hair; this is one of this "I am pondering and playing with my goatee" type goatees. 

7:24: Asian man with funny tooth comes on the tram

7:26: Man who doesn't have time to tie hiw tie comes on the tram.  I start to 'rest my eyes' while my head bumps the windor.

7:33: The connecting tram is 1 minute early and I miss it as I see it at the stoplight - bastards!

7:50: I perv at the CUTE school boys that get on the tram with their cute uniforms.  I guess missing the first tram isn't so bad.

8:22: Tram arrives up the street from work.  I walk down the hill as I search for music to wake me up.

8:30: work (not too exciting, I'll leave that part blank)

5:08: leave work to catch tram

6:15: gym, where I perv at hotties who I think are all gay.  I swear they put gay water in this city or something.

7:30: Vegetarian takeout: brown rice, tofu and veggies.  The asain dude knows me well there now.

8:00: Home.  Watch some tele and waste time on MSN (I really should delete it.  ok, no i won't)

11:15: Bed

It's amazing no matter how solid my routine was back home, I have this ability to find another one and grind right into it. 

Jimzip says:
"7:50: I perv at the CUTE school boys that get on the tram with their cute uniforms. I guess missing the first tram isn't so bad."
Bad!! Bad Saleem!!
Haha, actually I hate to admit it, but I was doing the same thing before I left.. o_O
And where is this gay water!? I need some!! Stat!
Good to see you've got a routine going, it all seems easy for you, I suppose it isn't really, but yeah, you seem to organise things well I think..
BTW, have you caught up with any of the gang?
Talk to you soon!

Jimzip :D
Posted on: Feb 27, 2007
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