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I don't think I've deprived my body of so much sleep before.

Last weekend we went to Mardi Gras.  So-much-fun!  A week before my friend TJ asked if I wanted to be in the parade.  I had to say yes.  When else would I have the chance to do this.  What I didn't know what it involved - or what it didn't involve - not much clothing.  After I tried my outfit on, I was sort of scared by the fact that it as able to be packed in a Ziplock baggie. 

So, that was just the start of Mardi Gras.  Afterwards, a few of us went to the after party.  Honestly, the most homosexuals I have ever seen in one area.  Like, clubs, warehouses and full outside areas of them.  There were more people at this party than from my hometown.  So, we stayed there until a few hour of sleep, then went to Toybox which was more insane but for different reasons.  There were less people, but it was done so well.  The best lights, music, and general vibe.  It was at Luna Park, an amusement park, which they closed off to the public for that one event.  The only bad thing as that I didn't know that there was a lineup to the big dance party outside, and if you left the club to go outside, you had to wait in line again -whoops!  Honestly, I didn't really care.  I made the best of it.

Toybox was followed by a 3rd party, which was a lot of fun too.  By the end though my big toes were numb from dancing and I was a bit over it.  I guess after 3 parties, anyone would.  Anyway, I am writing this a few weeks in the future and I am all recovered long term damage.  I should be able to feel by big toes any day now.


Jimzip says:
Haha. Yeah, sounds like awesome fun.
Mardi Gras is always a little crazy, and Luna Park! Yowza, last time I left there I left a small piece of myself in the gravitron..!!

Catch you soon!

Posted on: Mar 23, 2007
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