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Today was a first for me; I did something I can’t recall ever doing on a trip before.  I didn’t take a photo for the entire day!!!  That requires some explanation.


First we got off the train at 7 am in Venice Meastre station and took a cab to the Venice Marco Polo airport to get our prepaid rental car.  I’d decided that driving was better than having to change trains to get to Bolzano and gave us more flexibility for the two nights we’d be there.  As it turned out, we probably should have stuck to the trains.


It was easy to get the rental car - once you found it in the large lot of rental cars and drove all the way around the perimeter to find the way out.  There aren’t any signs in the lot but good markings on the way to the Autostrada A4 once you managed to get out of the airport. 


Unfortunately, there was a large traffic jam on A4 that turned a 2 ½ hour drive to Bolzano into a 4 hour trip.  Also there was a pervasive fog that hid the mountains most of the time.  After we turned onto A22 at Verona, there was essentially no way to see the surroundings.  Every now and then a huge massif would appear out of the fog on one side of the road or another and then disappear back into the fog.  Nothing I could photograph even though the sight was impressive.


Autostrada 22 travels up a long valley into the heart of the Alps.  It’s sprinkled with villages and castles perched on the looming crags and towns prospering along the river in the valley.  I’d love to have been able to see more.


Bolzano itself is defined by two rivers and the surrounding mountains.  We found our hotel, which had a garden and faced one of the mountains, admired the view and went off to find dinner.  We were still wandering around in the fog but it didn’t stop us from finding food.


This is a great town but not what I’d expected.  I’d heard it had a strong Auistrian influence but had brushed up my Italian since we were in Italy.  Everyone here speaks German!!!!  This may be Italy but the inhabitants don’t seem to believe it.  It’s a great place to visit and has great shopping (Italian style) but plan on speaking German when you visit here.


sylviandavid says:
Wow...... That's tough.... a day without a picture!
Posted on: Jan 10, 2009
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photo by: aloneinthecrowd