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The famous streets of Naples with their laundry
40 km from Amalfi is the town of Napels. This trip takes ages by car because it takes an hour before you even reach the highway near Amalfi. But when you're in the neighbourhood, you have to see it don't you think so? This just wasn't really the best time. People already told us that it's getting really crowded when you drive into Napels. When we were here, that wasn't the case at all. I didn't really mind because people are driving like idiots here so i thought, less idiots = less trouble. When we reached the center we couldn't find a parking so we drove over an hour without seeing one. Well, we did saw them but they were closed because of the summer they told us later. When we finally parked our car we decided to have a burger first and then make a choice of what we wanted to see.
We decided to visit some churches and then the Spanish Quarter to end up at the main square. Because the public transport doens't really have a scedule here we walked to the Duomo. It was a long way because we parked our car near the docks. It was very hot but i definately wanted to see it. Guess what, it was closed because of the summer. Pffff... All right, we had more churches on our list so we went looking for one of them. Except for a few, they were all closed. On our way to the next church we saw a sign for an excursion in the underground of Napels. I read about it before and because lots of other attractions were closed we made the excursion. It was so unique! Another positive thing was that is was really cool under the ground and it was over 40 degrees outside. So i really loved it! (If you want to know more details about it you can read my review!). After this we went to the Spanish Quarter. They say that this part of town normally is very crowded but now it wasn't because every one is out of town. Fortunately some people were at home so we saw some typical Napolitan streets with the laundry outside! We walked to the main square from where we had a great view of the Vesuvius. I had seen Napels now but i still have to go back one day to see what Napels is like normally when all the inhabitants are in town. So, i'll be back!
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The famous streets of Naples with …
The famous streets of Naples with…
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