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At home, we already decided that we had to make a trip to Capri when we visited the Amalfi coast. Normally, i don't like boattrips because i always get seasick but hey, i wanted to see it so i had to pay the price. We made a reservation for a boat with seats upstairs, hoping i wouldn't get sick when i had some fresh air. That idea did't really work because when the boat arrived in Amalfi, it was already full upstairs so we had to take seats downstairs inside. I wasn't a problem, because i felt ok that day fortunately. When we left the docks i was already happy that we made this trip. The view from the little villages is even more beautiful seen from a boat.

Amalfi but also Positano were the most beautiful of them all. After half an hour we could see the coastline of Capri which is really beautiful. It's a little rocky and rough. We sailed around one side of the island to see the blue and green lagoons. The water is extremely clear over there and the colors are so bright in some places. We also sailed into some caves where you could see stalagmites, really impressive. When we reached the docks i was happy i could leave the boat, even though i felt ok. The first place we saw on the island was Marina Piccola (small docks) and indeed, it was small. It was made only for private boats and yachts. There was a small but very crowded beach. Some people that were on the boat with us only went to Capri for a swim but we actually wanted to see the island. We wanted to go to Capri city by bus but because the roads are even more narrow then on the Amalfi coast, normal busses can't drive here.
Only small ones with a capacity of around 20 people can drive here. Of course, those were full because of the tourist boats that just arrived. So we took a taxi to Capri city. When we arrived there we saw that it was only a shopping place actually. All fancy shops are located here and it's fun to see some of then but after half an hour, you don't want to see any shop anymore. So we took another taxi to Anacapri, the other village on the island. Unfortunately, we found a same kind of village there. The only attraction was a chairlift to the top of the island. We had to enjoy ourselves all afternoon so we went to the top of the island with the chairlift and i have to tell you honestly, the view is amazing! You can see all the private yachts and villas but also the mainland of Italy and even the Vesuvius volcano. We stayed upstairs for a while enjoying the view. This is actually the only must on the island. We didn't like the villages at all because they were just too crowded. After that we went back to the Marina Piccola to make sure we were one of the first people waiting for the boat. I wanted to have a seat upstairs now, and i had. So i enjoyed the wind, sun and the view on our way back to Amalfi.

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View from the top of the island.
View from the top of the island.
View from the island Capri of the …
View from the island Capri of the…
photo by: Miranda-Maas