Unlike Paris and Rome, Cologne is not known as a Romantic Destination!

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Perhaps not the most romantic destination in the world when compared to Paris and france, but Cologne is not without its charms. For me, it is a great place to slow down and smell the roses, do the less hectic (adventurous) things. But adventure is not always the adrenaline spiking kind; adventure can be as calm as tasting chocolate at a museum, or going through the attic of an old church.  In the past, my travels through Germany did not include as many stops in Cologne as I did Berlin. But I returned to cologne in 2009 and loved it more this time around because I did not spend much time at the cathedral like I did previously.  At a glance, there is really not much to see in Cologne and one could easily dismiss it as a great vacation destination. But let’s take a look at what makes this German city charming and exciting.

It is a great town to visit when you are looking for that chill time, romancing a loved one, looking for history, not to mention the many beer gardens by the Rhine River. Beer gardens are really great and can be an exciting idea for someone coming from the desert and where drinking outdoors could get you arrested. There are many to choose from; the StandigeVertretung is a great location. Free music from one of the buskers is something to look forward to.

From the bank of the Deutz, the sight of Cologne is magical; the famous Cologne Cathedral dominates the skyline. Considered one of Germany’s most outstanding religious attractions, the Cathedral is a must see. Across the Deutz Bridge and you will get a front row view of the Altstadt (Old Town). The Old town has charm, history and food, do not pass it by.

Get a lock on love while you are at it; visit the famous Hohenzollern Bridge, known for the thousands of love locks that decorate its southern fence. Add your Liebesschlosser (love lock) and join the chain of love created by prior visitors who sought and future visitors who want to declare a continued bond of love. The surprised and shocked look on the faces of visitors as they stare the various shapes of locks and inscriptions on the bridge is priceless.

If you choose to visit over the holidays, the Christmas Market and Carnival Festival will enhance your festive spirit. Plan to attend the Cologne Pride and the Christmas Lights show in summer, they are held in July and run through the first few days of August.

Well when all is said and done, we all want to eat, drink and have great conversations; food in Cologne is an adventure of its own. The many German specialties at the Heumarkt are a rarity. You probably have never heard of a chocolate Museum right? Well there is one in Cologne you will not want to miss, it is called the Schokoladenmuseum and free chocolate samples are offered. You will want to sample traditional German coffee and pastry at the Wahlen Café. The same area features international cuisines including French, Cuban, Mexican, Greek and Portuguese, one of my favorite was the Oruc Kebap. For another day, travel to the RhineZeit  or Zulpicher Viertel (quarter) for more food and drinks with friends or family.  Your visit to Cologne is incomplete without drinking Kolsch and eating doner; be adventurous this way.

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