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So last night I was lying in bed, trying to sleep because I had to get up at 6 to go to work this morning (yes I am currently writing this from my job). And just a mountainous amount of things started racing through my mind. Like, oh my god I'm leaving in four months, but the next two are going to fly by because of Christmas and then when I have time to breath it'll be January and it'll be my birthday and I'm turning 19 so Ill forget about Thailand for a little while longer when I drink my face off and then it'll be the 25th and I'll be in Dominican for my cousin's wedding still drinking my face off and then I'll come home and then have to leave for Ottawa and Toronto two days later and then Ill get back and it’ll be the 11th and the next day is my father's birthday so something special will have to be done and then its my grand fathers birthday so well have to go visit him and then it’ll be valentine's day and then it’ll be the 15th of February and  I leave in 10 days and Ill have to do so much stuff. SEE WHERE I'M COMING FROM!!! This is going to be the most stressful 4 months of my life. And don't forget within those four months I have to apply for countless scholarships, decide where I'm going to school for sure and find an apartment. Holy crap, when I have a mental breakdown, which will be very soon, I'll let you TBers know.

 Words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


Saladin79 says:
I second that. Chill. Step by step in the planning - just as it will be in the actual travelling. And anyway, too much planning is bad for you: it's a medically proven fact!*

Anyway, good luck with it - I'm jealous as you'll be doing all the stuff I've now got behind me...


*For legal reasons Dave is required to state that it's not actually a medically proven fact. But it should be.
Posted on: Nov 17, 2008
GEasson says:
You can DO IT!!! One day at a time! Make a HUGE LONG list of everything, prioritise them in order of urgency and work through one thing a week at a time. In reality you have 16 weeks, or approximately 120 days... and that's loads of time! :)
Posted on: Nov 16, 2008
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