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Helen and I

Salzburg, Austria (1998): Third stop on our 12 Country Tour: On the 12 country tour of Europe in the summer of 1998, Peter tool Helen and I to Austria. It was part of the road trip we had diligently planned for months following our meeting in Berlin earlier in March. We began the long journey from Diessen in the Ammersee area of Bavaria. Drove to Innsbruk then to the north of Austria entering Salzburg after five different stops. We stopped at three of five most famous lakes north of Austria including, Mondsee (well known for its camping site), Fuschlsee, Attersee, Traunsee and Wolfgangsee. At Mondsee, we stopped for lunch: we caught our lunch right out of the lake • Peter the fisherman did a great job of catching us the best two fish.

I still remember the herbs, lemon and salty taste of the freshly grilled fish, yummy!

Bad Dürrnberg salt mine: Our first stop in Salzburg was the salt mine: The oldest salt mine in the word and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Salzburg. Salz is Salt in German. Durrnberg is the location of the salt mine, one of it’s only kind ever opened to the public for viewing. We did not go on the train tour of the mine though I heard, there is a man preserved in Salt. I do not remember how much it cost to go to the mine, but I do know that it was a little pricey then. If you are traveling from the USA, the Euro value is higher, probably $25 per adult (don’t quote me on it, check it out).

The Mirabell Gardens (Mirabellgarten): The next time I’m in Salzburg, I will be sure to see it.

Don't you love teh sculptures? impressive in marble
. After the mine, we headed to the famous Mirabellgarten: this was one of the places I so wanted to visit. With a history of over three hundred and fifty years, the contrast within the city is absolutely intriguing. The flowers never seem to die out year round. The roman statutes enhance the ambiance of the garden recalling an era long gone. It has two balustrades that hold the original 1689 statues of the Roman gods: Diana, Bacchus, Hercules, Flora, Vulcan, Minerva, and Ceres. At the center of the garden is a huge fountain, which reinforces life in the garden. The low flowerbeds are a feast to the eyes, especially for someone like me who loves nature. Helen on the other hand loved the fountains and the high edges seemed to bother her, she continuously kept pulling my hands so we could go to the other side of the hedge.

I was glad Helen pulled me over tot he West Side because it happens to be the most popular part of the Grand Parterre. I sure hope you have watched the movie "Sound of Music", if not, please borrow it from Blockbuster and watch it. The reason the west wing of the Mirabell garden is famous, is because is the garden where Fraulein Maria and Captain Von Trapp’s children ran through. It was interesting to see tourists singing some of the songs from the Movie. It felt very nostalgic because as a child, we always watched the sound of music right after lunch following Pope John Paul II blessing the world. My favorite part of the movie was always that of Maria and the Captain in the garden.

In my German blogs, I have mentioned Baroque architecture and my love for it.

Well, the Mirabell Garden is one of the best Baroque landscape gardening in the whole of Europe. When you first enter the Garden, it is easy to cast it as "is this it?" well, not at all: this is the beginning of the adventure of nature’s natural growth like no other. The "Grand Parterre" is Mirabell’s oldest section preserved very well through the centuries. I saw some of the older pictures of the garden in the early nineteen hundreds, one can tell the designs in the garden have been altered here and there. Nevertheless the formal and graceful nature of the garden is very acute when you walk through it. As you walk along the west hedge, adjoining is an old bastion: the Bastions garden or Zwerglgarten - the garden of dwarfs. You must see this when you go to Mirabell gardens, it has the original dwarf statues in dwarf sizes, incredible to see.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress: I can not express how exciting this portion of our tour was for me, not only had we seen the most famous two of the tourist attractions in Salzburg, we were headed to the Hohensalburg Fortress one of Salzburg’s oldest castles. From the Mirabell Gardens, the fortress appears magnificently on the Monchberg hill. We had to cross the Salzburg River in order to get to the other side of the bridge. We climbed up to the fortress and toured the rooms inside. Out on the balcony at the top of the fortress a breath taking view of the city and glowing sunsets. Did you know that Salzburg is the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart? Well it is. After a tour of the Hohensalzburg castle, we took a stroll on the streets of Salzburg in search of a restaurant.

Along the way, we saw the apartment where Mozart used to play music as a young boy: it is a very uninviting place with nothing to show of the world’s most famous musician. He best thing is to actually go to the Museum to understand the boy genius’ life.

A fascinating tour of the Mozart history shades much light to how much of a genius he was. The tour is simple, however to appreciate more, I would advise you have at least tow hours to dedicate to the tour. The well designed museum traces Mozart’s childhood and that of his family. I can not recall how much we paid for entry, but I thought it was well worth the knowledge and insight I got. For a small price, you get to listen to audio guides in a language of your choice, most of them are related tot he many exhibits and works by Mozart.

(Next stop is ITALY: read my Italy blog)

lauro says:
im sorry harriet :(( i wont be going.. ;(
Posted on: Dec 05, 2008
Africancrab says:
O yes, I will be there next year - which is soon by the way. Will you be in Amsterdam?
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
lauro says:
vienna: one word, "old europe"

you are most welcome harriet! ^_^
Posted on: Dec 04, 2008
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Helen and I
Helen and I
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Don't you love teh sculptures? im…
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Up at the Hohensalzburg fortress
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My sister on her way to the railw…
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