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One of the many shown here in red.
7. Nalgenes: Hydration is important...I agree and what better way than to tote your very own water source in those stylish plastic number 7 water bottles???  Okay, okay, Nalgene is trying to clean up their image by using plastics free of crazy cancer-causing agents.  But honestly I feel as though it's just scare tactics; just like chewing sugar-free chock-full of saccharine gum will give you cancer....sure if you're making gum your sole source of sustanance.  I do have...a "few" Nalgenes, but I NEED them every color of that beautiful clear plastic-- number 3 plastics quite frankly taste like you're drinking water from a plastic grocery bag--groady.  "Let them eat cake!" (not actually said by Madam Antoinette according to the guides of Versailles ;)

8. Functional Fashion: Maybe if I had some clue about fashion in the first place, the lackthereof may have bothered me, but I love that I can go out in anything from flip-flops and a long-sleeved t-shirt to a cutsy dress and Rocketdogs and pedal around the Springs without disgrace.
yeah, it's a statue with chew in his pocket ;)

9. Proximity: When you live on the Westside, it's so easy to grab a bicycle and go downtown when the light seems to be beckoning you and a camera.  Just be sure to wear shoes with traction (see figure 27.4) [soon to be added from the home computer]  I also appreciate the fact that we're so stinkin' close to a town with a little more ethnic diversity...I mean it's no Detroit (woot woo) but it'll do.  Or I could go down and hang out in Pueblo for some amazing posole or go to Manitou Springs for some interesting people watching.  Speaking of Manitou...according to Frommer's Budget Travel magazine, Manitou is one of America's To Visit Towns!  I recommend eating at Adam's Mountain Cafe and getting their orange cinnamon iced tea.
  Doesn't sound like it would taste as good as it does, but that's how foods become great, I think.

10. Population: This is a double-edged sword since with people come politics.  I can handle a well thought out debate or some friendly banter about the necessity of hiring one mind to control all but do I have to put up with all the other indoctrination, too??  I've yet to be convinced that a child wearing a sandwich board with hate messages strewn across it is really an education I can believe in.  But I appreciate a town that isn't too big for it's britches.  I love to be where the people are and Colorado Springs can satiate that need pretty well.  If I need to get a bigger city fix I can just go up the road a piece and hang out in LoDo. 
homeres says:
Is hiking thro the Rockies like in the commercials?!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
the_bill says:
Love it! Particularly functional fashion. :)
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
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One of the many shown here in red.
One of the many shown here in red.
yeah, its a statue with chew in h…
yeah, it's a statue with chew in …
Downtown Shop
Downtown Shop
Silv....scratch that, golden linin…
Silv....scratch that, golden lini…