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Tractor Tires
11. Farmers:   Hooray for fresh sustenance!!!  On Saturday mornings in Old Colorado City (the historic division and my neighborhood) the Farmers' Market is bustling with the young and the old looking for garden grandeur.   My absolute favorite part is the smell of roasting chilies in the chill air.  I'm salivating now thinking of it...no really, Janice is asking me to clean myself up.   A little tradition is to walk our dog Rudy down about 7:00A.M. to beat the crowds and get the fixin's for Huevos Rancheros-our Saturday morning breakfast.  On Wednesdays, the CSA sets up shop and if you have contributed to their crop financially then you can get all kinds of goodies like purple asian yard-long beans and chayote or some more traditional favorites like eggplant and heirloom tomatoes.
Rudy, unfortunately likes the water so to the Reservoir we go!
  On top of that, you get a recipe to use some of those goofy looking delicacies.  Even if you haven't subscribed to the service, you can still pick up the produce on Wednesday evenings.

12. Aspen Trees: I'm not gonna lie to you, I am not fond of evergreens but when you live in a mountainous state you're either going to have to suck it up or fall in love with the indigenous "cotton-candy tree" specimens (a nickname affectionately penned to describe the deciduous splendor of Springfield, Missouri).  Sure, aspens don't turn into those burning scarlet and crimson colors that maples reign but when they lose their chlorophyll to show off their simple yellow carcasses, it can be such a pretty site.  Even the intricate lacework of the leafy skeletons is enough to make me want a whole grove to culture on my own!

13. Land locked:  What a difference it is to be able to go outdoors and not need gills!  And to only have one or two mosquito bites a YEAR...phenomenal!!  No dead drying fish smells or earthworms fleeing their catacombs to escape the daily deluges.  I guess the drawback would be no seafood to speak of...eh, I can handle that, too.  If I want to see water I'll fill the tub!
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Tractor Tires
Tractor Tires
Rudy, unfortunately likes the wate…
Rudy, unfortunately likes the wat…