Sirxani, the Fire Temple and a Somewhat Unremarkable Day

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Brandy, Chris and Amanda at the fire temple in Suraxani.
This day we went to Sirxani, a city about 15 minutes east of Baku on the Abş eron Peninsula, probably a total of 1 hour travel time in two different busses from my home in Ceyranbatan. As usual, we were inadvertently breaking the rules, but by the time we were informed that we weren’t supposed to be there (the rules seemed clear, but they obviously weren’t), we were already at our first destination.

Situated in the middle of an urban sprawl, right next to some train tracks and fields and fields of oil derricks, we found the Ateshgah fire temple. It is the location that, at least two hundred years ago, fire was springing all by itself from the ground. Since the 19th century, the Baku oil company has owned the land and has pumped gas since the fires ran out.
The classic picture that has been done a million times, now done by me.
If I understood what I read in the little information windows and the guides there correctly, they were saying that Zoroastrianism was inspired by this very location. That seems doubtful to me, also Britannica disagrees. Further reading indicated that the temple in its current form was built in the 17th century, 23 centuries after Zoroastrianism started.

It was fun to think that for a minute though.

Still, plenty of Hindi Zoroastrians worshipped there at one time or another. Also, I took some pictures.

The original plan called for us to go north into Ramani to find the castle there and do some exploring, but that idea had to be saved for another time since we were trying to get home as fast as possible. Of course, when we saw Ronald McDonald at the edge of Baku, we had to stop and take pictures.

Like I said, the day was somewhat unremarkable.

*note: Pictures are a bit hard to upload now, but hopefully soon I will get them up.
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Brandy, Chris and Amanda at the fi…
Brandy, Chris and Amanda at the f…
The classic picture that has been …
The classic picture that has been…
photo by: cbstevens