Language Adventures #3: I like baby lambs

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As usual, my pitiful Azeri is the topic of much laughter here in Davachi. One particular offender is Kamran, especially when he has his friends around. One day though, I inadvertently got back at him.

It was evening and a few of us were sitting around the stove upstairs, close to my room. I was talking to Kamran and Orxan (another renter in the house, he occupies a room not far from mine), and since we were all guys in this group, the conversation moved to girls. I can’t remember the context, but I remember trying to say “of course Kamran likes girls.”

Orxan started laughing uncontrollably. When the rest of the people there (one other renter and one of his friends, both of which are very nice to me) asked him what was so funny, he let them in on it. They started roaring too. Kamran didn’t find it very funny though.

Finally Orxan explained it to me. I didn't say the word girls, I said a word that means baby lambs (girls = gizlar, baby lambs = gizilar, amusingly similar words). So, what I was really saying was that Kamran likes baby lambs.

Very soon the rest of the family got in on the joke as well. Kamran never laughs about it, no matter how many times we bring it up.
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photo by: cbstevens