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Woke up to construction on the roof.  Loud banging, annoying drills, they're finally fixing the windows!  Couldn't sleep in even though I've got the morning off.  So I've been going over writing my resume, blah.  Had lunch with Chi's mom.  She's down from Nha Trang for the week.  Going to SPC this afternoon.  Will give massage to Chuckles again, and baby Hoa hopefully.  SPC is a bit of a stresser for me.  When I'm there I want to get involved but I have to hold myself back because trying to get anything accomplished is as worth while as banging my head against a wall.  So I go, and I try to put a wall up.  I massage the CP babies, do some physio with them.

Cham Tower in Tuy Hoa
  Put them in the strollers and go for walks.  I try to get away from our translator, from the "Mom's", from the nurse, from the manager.  I haven't been doing much with Thu either.  Jess has really bonded with her and they play alot.   I look at her and I think of all that she's missing out on and I get angry at the place, and I just don't want to be there.  I'm working on being stronger, but sometimes I think it's best to take our services away.  Maybe then they'll see what they're missing out on and be more co-operative. 


I've got streetkids tonight.  Colors!  They were so great last night.  Jess taught the class and I sat with the "naughty" boys in the back of the room, as another student.

  They're as eager as the other kids to learn but they get bored easy and want to play as well.  Having me in there group giving them individualized attention really helped them.  They got up to the board and wrote out full sentences, pronounced the words correctly, and were as pleased with themselves as could be when they got it right.  Great Class!

Kinde yesterday on the other hand was hell.  I got mauled by the little brats.  33 -5 year olds who don't speak any english.  Ugh.  And they love to touch me.  They hug and cling and grab, and they're strong.  I felt like Arnold Schwarzenagger from that scene in Kindergarten Cop where the kids are clinging to his legs.  I was trapped.  And the translator and vietnamese teachers were in the corner laughing over some picture on a cell phone.  I got furious.  I am not here to baby sit.  I'm here to assist the current teachers with english lessons.  And if they're not going to put any effort in, then neither am I!  I grabbed a stack of photocopied coloring papers, which I pay for every week, and threw them on the ground.  It was the only way to get the damn kids off me.  They all went scrambling over each other for the paper and I made a run for it out the door.  Kimmy came out and apologized.  It better be properly run next time or I'll walk out again and this time I won't come back.

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3 stump tails and 1 pig tail caged at the base of the mountain up to the cham tower.

I got a call back from the "Wildlife at Risk" Centre of Saigon.  At my request they sent some local officials to inspect the living conditions of the macaques at the cham tower.  They have agreed to get them relocated.  Unfortunately the macaques have been in captivity for most of their life, 10 years, so they can not be released into the wild.  It will take a few weeks, but the centre is looking to find them a home in a zoo or rescue centre.  It's not the dream goal, but anything is better than where they are right now.  I've been going every day to feed them fruit.  The owner insists they get rice and vegetables and not fruit becuase the monkeys are sick of fruit, yeah right.  Those monkeys devour whatever I give them.

  This is also the guy who tells me not to feed them too much because he's worried they'll get fat!  I give them water when I'm there as well.  I've argued with the guy about replacing the tubs the animals have because they have holes in them.  THe man insists the holes help him clean and takes away the bucket that I keep putting there for them.  All I can do is fill up the buckets with water and watch the animals desperately lap up with there palms as much water as they can before it drains away.  I asked the man to give them water (nook) the other day, to see how he does it.  He sprays them with the hose, in an aggressive manner, and the monkeys are too afraid to go to the buckets becuase they get drenched so they just hide in the corner and don't get to drink anything. 

I've asked Norma to visit them with fruit after I've left and to update me on any changes.  Already the cage is cleaner than it was prior to "WAR'S" visit so hopefully the hint is hitting home with the owners.  These macaques deserve better.  WAR will notify me when they've found them a home...let's hope it doesn't take too long, one of these macaques doesn't look like it'll last much longer.


Cham Tower in Tuy Hoa
Cham Tower in Tuy Hoa
3 stump tails and 1 pig tail caged…
3 stump tails and 1 pig tail cage…
Emaciated.  The buckets have holes…
Emaciated. The buckets have hole…
the owners
the "owners"
Every day I bring them fruit.  Eve…
Every day I bring them fruit. Ev…
When Kim is available shell come …
When Kim is available she'll come…
the Cham Tower
the Cham Tower
Cham Tower
Cham Tower
Tuy Hoa
photo by: MarnieElder