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I was initially overjoyed at the feeling of being back in the states. 

Domestic or Foreing Passport?...Domestic please!!! I'm beaming as I drag myself over to the customs desk.  Nevermind the back ache from the 20 kilo bag on my back, or the butt ache from a bruised tailbone.  i'm home!  Nothings gonna wipe this smile from my face.  The customs officer barely lifts his eyes from the screen in front of him as he takes my passport and claims form.  I haven't spoken to an american on american soil in 5 months.

"I'm really glad to be back here.  Home that is."  These words are sputtered out of my mouth so fast and loud that the poor man can't help but take notice of me. 

"Well, uhh, well we're glad to have you back."  he stammers.

I stand there smiling.  A toothy wide smile, staring back at him, waiting anxiously for more of that sweet american accent to penetrate my ear drums.  The officer takes the cue and continues, in a much more relaxed manner at this point.  "Bring any food with you from abroad?" 

Next I'm waiting patiently in line to get through security.  Nevermind the continual back ache, the bad tempered security guards and the little children knocking into me.  I love it all.  It's all a comfort to me.  What a thrill to be back in my country.  Back to my car, and it's mechanical problems; my cell phone, and it's high bill; my family, and there yelling; my commute, and the traffic. 

Uhhh OK maybe it's not paradise.  But it could be worse.  I do appreciate using perfume again.  Having not only my own room but my own two rooms.  Comfortable sunny weather, where I can take my dog for a run without feeling like I'm going to faint. I've got a good set up to help with the adjustment back to the so called "real world".  Plus it's only 2 months before I'm off again to what I consider my "real world". 

London for New Years babeee! 


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photo by: MarnieElder